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Airfix Bloodhound Missile & “Vintage Classics”

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All, a few years ago I picked up an Airfix Bloodhound missile. It was a late boxing. I’ve always wanted to build a decent one after having a very early boxing back in the 1970’s, but never quite finishing it.

The thing is, I remember (OK - as a 7 year old) the latter being an average for the time Airfix type moulding, in white plastic. The one I’ve now got is green plastic, and appallingly bad. There are deep holes in the figure’s chests for example, and some parts would be better carved from solid with a bread knife.

If anyone has a white moulded version, in the first boxing (not the very early bagged one), could they post some close-ups of the parts please -  just to confirm my memory isn’t being too rose-tinted.

Similarly, I built a bagged Airfix Bulldog recently, and the moulding in that was superb compared with a much later boxing I had to buy for spare parts. Much of that was fit only for the bin. A huge difference in quality.

I’ve not bought a “Vintage Classics” Airfix kit yet, but I fear that the combination of Airfix’s current horrible soft plastic, slapstick quality control, and old moulds, these may be even worse than the older versions of the originals? Has anyone actually spent money on one of these, if so, what are they like compared with the early originals? Are the moulds re-furbished I wonder?

My assumption is that that an EBay purchase of the earliest kit available would be preferable to a modern “Vintage Classic”. May or may not be slightly more expensive, but irrelevant if you’re after moulding quality.


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I'd be looking for the earliest issue kit I could lay my hands on. I wouldn't condemn recent Vintage Classics out of hand, in fact I have one of the Beach Buggies and it's completely satisfactory, but it may be the case that it's a bit of a lottery in what you're likely to get in any given box. 

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I've recently built the Bofors gun & Tractor, released as a "vintage classic", & found it just as good as I did in the 70s when it first came out.  I've also got the 1/72 Hawker Demon and that's also as I remember it as a lad.  I'd love to get my hands on a Bloodhound!

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Thanks All!

Long - looks like the 1973 release is marginally better than the 2008 version I must have got. The sink marks in the figures are marginally less deep, and the flash around some of the Land Rover parts isn't there either.

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