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I know we like to have a laugh on here and the mod team don't wish to rain on parades, but, 

Thread drifts are fine up to a point. That point is when, a member clearly has had enough! Or if it should drift into murky current affairs or politics. For what it's worth the number of drifted posts on one thread, I've just cleaned up outnumbered the number of posts on the subject and the original poster is quite rightly annoyed. So please can I ask that we keep it civil. And respect a thread which someone else has started. And maybe keep some of the nonsense in the chat sections? I'm not going to mention names or warn people because we've all done it and it's easy to get carried away, but let's show a bit of respect out there 

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I'm bringing this back up again because it is beginning to get a bit tiresome.

I have enough on my plate trying to block the Russian, Chinese and other bots which attack this site daily without having to waste time on folk playing silly beggars.

The whole idea of this site was that it was supposed to be self policing and we moderators have no wish to see that change.

Please have some consideration for the OP and if you are an OP who doesn't want drift then let it be known at the start of your thread please.

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In view of this issue I have come up with an emoji, those of you that would prefer threads that you started to stay strictly on topic, please use it:


You'll find it right at the end of the emoji list. If the OP uses this please respect it. Anything that might be considered off topic will be regarded as fair game for removal with or without a request from the OP.


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