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Bren Gun Carrier Airfix 1:76

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Good day all and welcome to my first completion of the year! This was just a quick build to get me going and another foray into the world of AFV. This was a whim of a purchase back in December, I had read alot about Bren Gun Carriers in Spike Milligan's books and never really knew what they were, so googled it and thought it looked rather interesting and then saw this kit and grabbed it. Very easy quick build, sprayed it in Model Masters Acryl range, started with 'Marine Corps drab' which I thought was too dark so coated it roughly and randomly in a lighter green which turned out nicely. I then finished it off with a bit of detail brushing with Vallejo Model Colour range, then dusted with pastels. Not much else to it really, quite a quick fun build.






was going to try and put some figures in there but didn't fancy wrestling with these! and certainly dunno what the geezer is doing with that catalogue pointing pose!


The only downside now is I found it interesting enough to look into doing a larger scale one, nooooooo! Do Tamiya do a 1:35? Curse and blast this hobby lol

And here it is nestled in my small but slowly expanding vehicular collection


The Grad I only just finished but the Gun quad and tractor i completed years ago, The windows look like they are still drying from Krystal Klear but they have been like that for over 10 years lol. Next up on the workbench is this little blighter


Looks like flashy fun!

Cheers now



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How the bloody hell did you get the parts to fit!? lol
Mine has a big gap that will be awkward to fill between the front plate and the slope of the frontal armour.
But I have a cunning plan!  
Imma buy a wading conversion set so you won't be able to see it! lol

Great job Bob, they look really well together!  

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Great stuff, nicely done, Bob 😀.  Happy memories of my wargaming days, but done much better than I did back then.  And the 25 pdr set is great, too - I love the Mickey Mouse camo.  I currently have an embargo on buying kits but, when it's lifted i.e. when my resistance breaks, a 1/35 Bren Carrier is on the cards.

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That's great Bobster,the thing must be nearly as old as me(62),I certainly remember my dear old Dad building

one a long time ago in a galaxy far,far away.

I reckon the geezer with that catalogue pointing pose is saying "Shoot at those Jirries over there!!"

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