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10 minutes ago, RWG686 said:

I made a new prop spinner to replace the missing one and no sooner had I done so then I found the missing one.

Which is fully in accordance with one of the rules of modelling:

The lost part will only reappear when you make/buy a replacement.

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On 10/01/2022 at 09:46, RWG686 said:

First coat of paint.  Already noticed some scratches I missed. Sea Blue gloss is blue and glossy isn't it !


On my monitor this is coming across as more of a Blue Angles blue than the typical USN dark blue... Maybe add a few drops of black for the next coat?

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1 minute ago, Jessie_C said:

Maybe add a few drops of black for the next coat?

I will do that.

I took it down from the workshop and hopefully the heat in the house will completely dry it.

It looks a lot darker in natural light but still too light I think.

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Oh yes, that looks much better now. Did you lost a starboard wing tank fin?

I really ought to dig mine out of storage and finish it. It's much too far along to include in this group build, but it's been sitting incomplete for years. Some day it'll look something like this because my Dad flew in them:


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11 minutes ago, Jessie_C said:

Did you lost a starboard wing tank fin?

Butterfinger  (aka clumsy *******) caused the loss of port and starboard outer fins and top fin from starboard tank.

When I peeled the Copydex off, the nose glazing came with it.

I guess the canopy glue is by its sell by date.

You really should dig your one out and finish it as one of your dad's.

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3 hours ago, Miggers said:

heat shields

I've since noticed that the starboard ones should be the same as the port despite having only the one exhaust.

Duly masked and painted.

I've not been happy with the area around the canopy. This was my first go at a big vacuformed one. Flimsy sods aren't they!

I have done a bit of masking/sanding/filling/smoothing/primer and paint so will see how it looks tomorrow.


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For what little it’s worth, when faced with the age old issue of fitting vacform canopies, my personal favoured method is to fill any naughty gaps with Krystal Klear, paint that in the interior colour and then blend the bottom edge to the fuselage with a thin roll of Milliput and a wet scalpel blade. It saves sanding near the vacform and, usually, makes a nice, smooth transition.

Others’ techniques may vary as they may well be better than me at cutting out accurately in the first place.

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