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Hasegawa 1/48 Voyager

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All the excitement of the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope prompted me to dust off the box of my Voyager kit










It could take longer for me to finish this kit than it did for the real Voyagers took to pass beyond the Heliopause xD

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54 minutes ago, BlackMike Models said:

I do hope you are going to use the left over wrappers from your Quality Street to give it the gold foil look?

Duncan B

I ordered some Cadbury's Roses from Asda and they sent me some Quality Street as a substitute.
Sent them back.  Nestle products are banned from my house on humanitarian grounds.
I'll leave it at that.

TBH Hadn't thought about gold foil, but I'm not sure there is any on the Voyager probe. 
Will go research it to make sure.


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Have edited the OP and inserted the missing sprue tree. 

Been good to get to mess about with some plastic again. 
This kit is a nice contrast to the Ace Dingo.  

The parts are generally clean with some minor sink holes and nominal seam lines.
Fit is so good no cement has been used at the time of photographic the first couple of construction steps. 
TBH I could get away at this stage with just a touch to hold the antenna struts 


When you dry fit a part and can't get it back off again!  Was going to leave the ring off for ease of painting!
Oh well! xD 



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1 hour ago, Dr Loopy said:

Still more excitement nail-biting to come with the JWST as the telescope then the heat shield robotically unfold…😅

The JWST project has made me feel so much younger!
I've regressed to asking, "are we nearly there yet?" every 5 seconds! xD 

It's going to be fine, no sweat, no worries, hakuna patato 
Who am I kidding!  😨


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