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48 minutes ago, Col. said:

Oh. Now you've pointed that out I can't unsee it

Scale modeller's equivalent of an earworm....that's why I can't ignore it.    So @DC3 @Grunhertz no..can't leave it. More filler! :D  Start the year as I mean to go on then.

My thoughts as to what to do resulted in similar ones to yours.

Sorry @Jessie_C..I don't have a scrap Harrier to steal a nose and of course the only early Harrier GR 1 kit I had with which to compare, got sold.

More later.

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I found a side view drawing of a T2 which is as near as dammit 1/72.

Surprisingly the kit rear canopy and nose length is ok.

I removed the windscreen and sanded off the lump on its front. This is the fairing where the wiper comes out but is far too pronounced. I sanded the lower end to a more flat line.

The fuselage got a scrape and a sand.

This is the windscreen sat back on.


I reckon that once it's stuck on properly and smoothed in it will look ok.

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1 minute ago, Jessie_C said:

But how will you know how fast you're going?

I don't need a pitot tube to tell me I'm going between snail pace and hobble xD 

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  • 2 weeks later...

This has taken a back seat whilst the Neptune is on the go but I spent half an hour doing decals earlier.

The white stripes on the canopy are too thick but I will overpaint the bottom half....:rofl:


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It was there again...that nagging wee voice that says something isn't right.

Can you see what it is ?



Out with the scalpel, a bit of scraping, a quick repaint and a dig through the spare decal box gets me here..




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" I must stop looking at pictures of the real aircraft"  ..that should be my new mantra.

I've sorted the winged fist which I thought I had sorted.        I'm shocked that none of you have slagged me off for missing the obvious.

A few bits and pieces worked on . The undercarriage was a pig to clean up and I broke one of the outrigger wheels. They are not great in any case so I'm hoping the doors will improve their looks.

I had a look in the spares box for new ones and found 5 pairs...all in the retracted mode. :realmad:


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