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Eight days before the Maritime build. I can't wait  EIGHT days without doing something !  (says he studiously ignoring the twenty-eight on the shelf of doom)

Something quick and easy (but not oob) and of a subject that I've never built before.

Let's see what the stash throws at me.

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OK..ruled out a couple of helicopters and a Zvezda C-130 Hercules, swithered  about a Revell C-54 ( but that didn't meet the quick rule) and decided on this:




As it's Christmas Eve, I offered to assist Mrs RWG in the kitchen where she is busy doing stuff.

Her suggestion that I assist her by staying out of her way was duly taken up.

Typical Sword kit needing loads of cleaning up before any real construction starts. 

No photographs of that of course..you'll just have to use your imagination.


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3 minutes ago, RWG686 said:

No photographs of that of course..you'll just have to use your imagination.


Hey, that's my line... for everything I haven't built!  xD 

Looking forward to this one, Richard.
Good luck

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A few hours work and many many expletives worse than damn, sees me here


Combination of too many wee bits, a plastic which seems to repel liquid poly and cockpit PE which doesn't stick with superglue was somewhat frustrating.

The Harrier has very obvious blow in doors on the intakes, some of which are open when everything is shut down. Sword make no provision for this.

No worries. Ages ago I bought a set of aftermarket intakes with these doors moulded open.

Where are they?

Not in the engines spare box,not in the Harrier Gr7 box or in the box with the P1127.

Guess they are in the Airfix GR1 kit which of course I sold in the first stash clear out. 🤬

Stay tuned for the next episode when  RWG takes a razor saw to the kit intakes. (warning: may contain some blood and bad language)

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2 hours ago, Miggers said:

Do you want

Thanks for the offer but I have a plastic card stash second only to that of @Gorby.

Surgery begins.


I decided that it would be easier to cut the lot out rather than try and cut individual doors. Note that it is only the top doors which fall oopen.

I've deviated from what Sword would have you do with the intake trunking. They would have you attach it to the fan then add the intakes. 

I think the join at the intake lip is more important so I will join the trunking to the intake first. Of course I have no idea if this will work because you can't dry fit it first.

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As I suspected there would be a big gap at the front of the intake with Sword's method. There is a gap at the fan side of the port intake which I will fill with PVA just in case it can be seen.

The fuselage joins have been rubbed down,filled, rubbed down, primed and filler applied to the bits still needing it..


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I had made a drawing of the intake doors as I knew that any cleaning up of the join would remove any trace of them.

Using a good old fashioned dividers and pencil, a start was made to reinstate the main intake part.  Little pieces of plastic card were cut and glued into place. The top two are a different thickness so as to try and replicate the spacing of the real thing.

Whole lot now being left until tomorrow when hopefully it will be dry and I can start cleaning them up.




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In a previous incarnation I was blessed with much patience. I could lie in wait for hours whilst the rain pissed down and the wind whistled around me.

In this incarnation I am an impatient so and so.

Last night I had every intention of leaving everything to dry but of course I went back and stuck on the tail and ventral fin.

By more good luck than anything they do not interfere with the cleaning up of the intakes.

First clean up and a brush of primer to show what I still need to clean up.


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32 minutes ago, Jessie_C said:

Isn't that a T.4 tail with the RWR antenna? I thought that the T.2 didn't have that

Yes and yes.


32 minutes ago, Jessie_C said:

but it did have the taller fin which was retrofitted

I don't know enough about Harriers and those tall tails as some appear to have them and others not.


Just because I'm using a T2 kit doesn't mean that that is what the end result will be.:smile:


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24 minutes ago, RWG686 said:

Pressed on and it's now looking more like a Harrier two seater


Absolutely, definitely, without any fear of contradiction, impatient :realmad:>:( or not,  leaving it overnight for the filler to dry,

If anybody knows about filler it's you.

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