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8 minutes ago, Gorby said:

I wasn't looking forward to fitting the rubber octopus on each side as I thought it would be problematic

I left a similar thing off my Alfa Romeo because it looked like it was going to be too much hassle for something that wouldn't be seen! 
Great work Mark, and well done taming the rubber beastie! 

Looking really fab!

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Generally I've been happy with my day to day progress until the day I fitted the running-boards (if that's what they're called). The one on the left hand side of the boiler wasn't too bad, although certainly not completely successful. The one on the right was a mess. I'm assuming it should fit underneath the circled bracket, the instructions aren't clear on that point. Either that or the cut-out is in the wrong place. I tried the best modelling swear words I have and I still couldn't persuade it to go underneath, so I chopped a bit more out to accommodate it.



That did leave it sitting slightly higher than the other running-board. I couldn't get it any better so I'll just have live with it. I'm sure you won't be gauche enough to mention it when it's all done. :ermm:



At the front there are two sticky-up sticky things. The kit does supply two, very skinny, fragile, bent strips of useless plastic which you are supposed to butt-join the a horizontal surface. Totally impossible to foresee any problems with that, I think you'll agree. I cut down a pin, filed a 'V' into the side of the bit it was supposed to butt-join to to give it an odds-on chance of surviving to the end of the build. When it's all painted it won't be too obvious how they are fitted.



Then it was time to start painting!!!!!

I started buy giving the underside a coat of black gloss. I chose black gloss for a very good reason. I've got loads of black gloss. It won't stay black, it's mainly to cover up the light grey and give the impression of darkness in the underside gubbins.



I also gave the 'coal' a blast of black gloss and it's starting to look a bit better.


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Painting TrumpBoss kits is always a pain in the rear end as there isn't ANY colour suggestions other than the exterior scheme, and even that isn't detailed or often, accurate. Not having a clue about colours I had to do quite a bit of Googlising, particularly for the cab.

My choo choo is eventually intended for a diorama, which is why I'm doing the camo option rather than the black and red one which I actually prefer. I'm also going to ignore Trumpys colour suggestions as I saw a 1/35 one online which I like the look of:


(I hate showing a “This is what I'm aiming for” link/photo as there isn't a cat in hells chance of me getting the same standard).

I'll have another a gripe about Trumpy. Look at this:


Why do they show all four side of the scheme which is obvious what bit is black and what bit is red, and the scheme which differs on all four sides they only show one bloody side!?


Strange isn't it. The first day I could have started painting I faffed and I procrastinated like a student on study-leave… I just wasn't in the mood. The following day I was enthusiastic to get started and I started with the cab.

I was well aware that not much will be visible at the end, but I was enjoying it so much I went a little overboard:


As usual I made a right pigs-ear of fitting the glazing. I really should remember to stick to tanks in future. I left the glazing to the end of the cab painting stage to make it easier to paint. In hindsight it would have been easier to cut masks for the insides of the windows.

While I had the oil paints out, I did the inner side of the boiler panel thingy.



Moving on to the outsidey bit. After blasting dark grey on the underside I did a tiny bit of masking and did the top bit a mid-stoneish colour (XF-57 Buff).


Sorry about the photos. The weather here has been freakishly sunny.

There then followed a day of masking (being odd, I like masking :smiling:).

AVvXsEiK_R86OtwtSszSC1_-Al1bVvw68oalWH6v    AVvXsEiyunvKuf9J25JDgsktgvnku-VyTxNGGHWU


This has been my efforts today. First I sprayed XF-75 and then slightly highlighted the edges of the camo with the slightly darker XF-77.

AVvXsEj_qcM8m_foy6PE_J5eUohJA9dAc80MCbyr     AVvXsEjt5KxVFuosdXfYJg-KIspc0cJj-758Hkmw


Needs a few touch-ups and then it will be onto detail painting, decals and weathering. I also want to do a small addition which you'll get to see later or at the end...

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