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My deviations from the true course. The only car models I've built.

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Specially for @Mad Steve.....

A couple of years before I returned to the modelling fold I built an old white metal kit of an Austin 7 (1/24 I think). An Austin 7 was my dad's very first car, so I built this for his 80th birthday. The kit was quite crude and I'd never done a metal kit before and the last plastic kit I had built before this was over thirty years before. That's my excuse anyway.

Oh yes, I didn't have an airbrush then either….

….. or many modelling tools or paints…..

….. or much in the way of skill.

The base is mahogany from my dad's old sofa, which was also his parents sofa.

He was very please with it and kept in pride of place on his mantelpiece, but now he has died, it's now mine. It's probably as rickety as the original and certainly not great modelling, but it means a lot to me.





I have less excuses for this one.

My all time favourite car is the Karmann Ghia – I don't know why, it just is (stop asking awkward questions) so when I saw a cheap Tamiya one on Ebay, I thought I'd give it a go. I built it quite early in my modelling comeback, so again, it isn't great modelling, but it's my only model to remain out on display in my hobby room. Although bits keep falling off.

I was originally going to give it a metallic Alclad finish, but when I did the black undercoat I decided that I liked it. I also thought the mattish/semi gloss finish suited it.





Of course since these deviant acts I've not wandered far from the true wingy-thing path, so I seek forgiveness for my sins.

Thanks for looking.

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Gorbs, Gorbs, Gorbs.....

What the hell is wrong with you?

Absolutely nothing wrong with those two models. I think the Austin 7 is brilliant (really like the wire wheels) and okay, you live in Coventry so you can be excused for painting a Karmann black, but it actually looks very nice. (maybe shiny shiny black, but shiny shiny is boring) 

I can see a talent hiding behind the guise of a wingy thing man.... you should let it all hang out more :) 

But seriously, job well done on those two :) 

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1 hour ago, Mad Steve said:

But seriously, job well done on those two :) 

Thanks Mr. Mad.

It was probably the Austin 7 that got me thinking about modelling again, so if it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't have 'met' me modelly mates (even though their nut-jobs the lot of them).

I haven't done any more cars because I found building the Karmann a bit boring, I mean, it hasn't got wings so how can it be interesting!? There are some older cars and particularly trucks that I think look good, so I'm not ruling out the possibility of more wheelie things.


1 hour ago, Mad Steve said:

you should let it all hang out more

I've been told that I'm not allowed to after the last incident.

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That's the exact description of me building Aircraft. They just don't inspire me. I'm sure people go ape about Spitcanes and Hurrifires and want to build every version, ever made, from every year from the year dot, then start on all the other airforces etc etc... 

WW1 aircraft inspire me because I think they are just beautiful designs. 

But give it a go, its always fun to do something different :) 


And the last incident, yes Gorbs, trying to start a naked sunbathing paradise in your back garden... ok points for that, but In Coventry and using yourself to promote it :(  

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