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Bristol Bloodhound Mk II.

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Taken some years ago too,the Gripper in the last two shots is long gone and the Brit. repainted into RAF colours.

Blood'ahnd launch from Aberporth out over Cardigan Bay Range complex:

760mph(the speed of sound at sea level)was achieved by the time the missile had cleared the launcher,so 0 to 760 in 25 feet !!!!!!

More facts and figures here:


The full story of RAF/RAE Aberporth here:


One of Mrs M's Aunts had a static on a site in nearby Tresaith,we used to take the kids there for a week quite a few times,the first would be around 1984-85.

Although technically closed down as an RAF station,the RAE had taken over and the

airfield/missile research base was still pretty active.

We were on Aberporth beach and actually saw a missile firing,noisy and spectacular to say the least.

We also saw one of the prototype R.N Merlin helicopters flying about testing the undernose radar

it was fitted with.


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