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USS BB Missouri circa 1944 question

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Hey everyone 

Despite spending quite a while looking for the answer to a basic question, I am still non the wiser.

What were the colours used for the camo they had on her? The only answers I kept getting were haze gray and a blue but she had a 3 colour camo. The colour sheets I see are not sharp enough to make out the required colours (and they're not vectored images either)

Do any of the paint makers have a specific set for this ship in this time period? If not, what Gunze or Tamiya paint will do? TIA

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28 minutes ago, Madhatter Mk2 said:

All good but thanks anyway. Does anyone have the Tamiya kit? If so, could you please have a peek at the paint call outs and tell me what they say. I just cannot find a clean copy that I can actually read. I so must be getting old....er

The instructions are on Scalemates:


The paint required are listed on page two.

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6 minutes ago, Madhatter Mk2 said:

Awesome! Even though they were for the 1991 outfit, I'm still uber thankful as you lead me to a great resource that I hadn't paid any attention to until now. 

These are all the instructions available on Scalemates for the Missouri in 1/350:

https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Instructions&q=1%3A350+missouri*&fkTYPENAME[]="Full kits"

And this is for the 1/200 scale Trumpeter kit:


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