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A bit of fun with a Star Destroyer

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I’m currently building a Corvette in the floaty thing section and am about to embark on a long Paint project. This little build was a perfect excuse to delay it.

The story behind this was that at the local model club on Sat they suggested a £10 build. I stayed within that including base and paint. This afternoon I spent just over 4hrs on this from start to finish (yes I know....it looks like it). It’s just a bit of fun. The base is a bit of card with duck tape (yes you can see the join) and then I spattered paint to give the impression of stars etc and finally added a red blob.

It was painted with Mr Paint.











Enjoy, don’t take it too seriously, and no, it is nothing like doing an aircraft in 48 hours.




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12 hours ago, Jessie_C said:

That's utterly tiny!

My God! I thought I had heard the last of that line when I stopped dating.

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On 14/01/2019 at 13:44, Gimmie Shelter said:

smashing idea and quite convincing - can you make your photos larger to fill the screen for a movie still effect?


In consideration that it is just paint splashed onto duck tape, I don’t think any great effect is within my grasp. Not wanting to add much time to my 4 hour build this is the best I could manage;


Thanks to all for looking in.


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