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Royal Australian Navy A-6E Intruder..

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In the late 60's, Communism was the threat around the world and with it looking increasingly likely that New Zealand would fall to a Communist dictator, Australia decided that it needed to bolster it's carrier strike force. With the retirement of the Sea Venom ans Sea Fury, strike aircraft were limited so we purchased two squadrons worth of A-6 Intruders from the US, freeing up the Skyhawks to perform the dedicated CAP duties they were optimised for. In 1970 New Zealand fell to Communism and Australia, unwilling to have a 'Cuban Missile Crisis' in this part of the world launched Operation Sheep, the invasion of New Zealand. A-6's from HMAS Melbourne deployed to soften up the landing areas and interdict all forces moving around the target area. Australia's Intruders retained the outer pylon from earlier models that was wired for air to air missiles, this aircraft scoring a Skyhawk kill over the beach head.  After a successful invasion and brief fight, the dictatorship was overthrown and democracy returned to the country, thanks in part to RAN Intruders. 

The kit is the old Fujimi model in 1/48, with weapons and bomb racks/missile rails added from the spares box. Decals come from a Red Roo Gannet set.







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Cheeky sod, communism indeed! We're more likely to be taken over by Australian businesses like Woolworths or the Aussie banking network, oh wait that's already happened so you are clearly insinuating these businesses are communist...!

Was looking for some Fujimi 1/48 A-6A build/review articles online and stumbled onto this one having purchased the same kit at Triple Alliance Hobbies in Seattle for US12.00 in 1983.

My interest in the A6 is two fold, the first having deployed on the HMNZS Canterbury with the HMAS Melbourne (will refrain from the name we called her!) to Hawaii in 1980 for a multi-national military exercise. The USS Constellation was also part of the exercise and had several squadrons of A-6Es on board. The other connection was sharing desk space with a retired A6 pilot at Boeing in Seattle who flew in the Vietnam conflict. After traipsing around the country and world for the last 40 years I thought it was finally time to build it...   

Also stumbled across the clip below, did the idea of taking over NZ come from the Melbourne's skipper's comments noted at the 2:00 minute point? 


Great looking model and I particularly like the camo scheme, virtually the same as several of the A4s we got of the Aussie Navy in 1984... :harhar:










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On 02/05/2023 at 02:26, BranchlineNZ said:

(will refrain from the name we called her!)

Quite rightly too. This is a model thread so go straight to the ' Tales from work and play'  section and feel free to tell all :D

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