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Mad Steve

A Couple of my Previous Builds...

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Morning Folks 

Thought I would share a couple of my previous builds.

I used to build armour full time, but now I'm doing Cars and Bikes etc I really don't build a lot anymore. I start a lot... :) 

First up, Italeri's 35th Sahariana

Built ages ago, finished off with Tamiya Acrylics and Mig powders.



Next up, Takoms excellent Whippet. The markings are ficticious but I do love WW1 vehicles and I am busy (still busy for the last 11 months) with Meng's Renault FT17


Next up we have Revell's 1/72 Luch. 

In a fit of I don't quite know what, I decided I would like to build 72nd scale Bundeswher vehicles.... Bought loads of them, built one :) 


Now following on a similar vein.... I decided what fun it would be to build all the 48th scale British vehicles... again, bought loads, built these two.... (well its more like one and a bit :) )



Now the sharper pencils in the box might have spotted a pattern here... Have an idea, oooh i'll build (               ) (add whatever it is) and go and buys loads of kits and build none of them. 

I actually sat down and thought about it. When I was building armour, I built everything. You name it I built it, no theme, no collection, just whatever I wanted, I actually got a bit tired of looking at the same old stuff in mags, online etc, so i decided, lets do something different (apart from 48th British and 72nd Bundeswehr :) ) and I landed up all the way across the other side of the world, Modern Japanese, JGSDF :) (Japan Ground Self Defence Force)

This time though, I haven't gone out and bought a shed load of kits ( just a 'couple') and this is the only one I have finished thus far...    

Trumpeters Type 82 NBC Vehicle. I built it mainly because it looks weird and it was cheap :)                                                                                       resized_009d2605-1456-4bac-bba8-14d70f0b


So following on from that, I have a Type 90 MBT slowly being put together, and seeing as though i'm sticking to my theme so well, I have a Tamiya T34, a Trumpeter 16th scale T34/85, and SdKfz 7/1 flakveirling, a Zvedza 72nd scale SS26 Missle Launcher and, well actually quite a few more :) 

Hope you enjoy, All comments welcome 



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I've not seen your tanks/AFV before Steve, they look really good.

I like WWI vehicles as well. I'm also drawn to the odd stuff - I wonder why? :crazy:

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