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Hasegawa 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb (09066)

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Lovely, great overall effect and some beautiful little detail. I especially like the wing roundels - a bugbear of mine is a model with loads of time and effort spent on a weathered colour scheme but pristine markings. Mind, I've ruined more than one plane trying to weather decals. Armour is so much easier in that respect.


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15 hours ago, mac1677 said:

Sorry, yet another Hurri...just in the proper scale 🤪


You lost me with 1/48 :P 

Very nicely done, Mac


28 minutes ago, Miggers said:

A bit of a shame that the only one in captivity has been converted into a two seater.

Burn the heretic!
That was one Hurricane defiled too many!  
Now where is that angry mob emoji? lol


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2 hours ago, Miggers said:

Go get'em Floyd:


There are 12 airworthy Hurricanes.
One might struggle to find that many were converted by the Soviets and Americans or as a trainer aircraft in total.
A total of 14,483 were built.

Having one two seater that isn't a replica of a historical two seater out of 12 airframes seems more than a tad disproportionate.
But it's good to democratise the old warbirds so that everyone gets a chance to say they flew in one I guess ;) 

Edit: @Miggers
If I was to convert a Hurricane into a two seater* I would have chosen this Hurricane
You can see the "passenger seat" next to the cockpit on the wing root xD
*In this case it would be a 3 seater!


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