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Mad Steve

1/24 Tamiya Peugeot 405 T16GR - '90 Paris Dakar

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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Thought I'd start a build thread for this, been a while since I've done one 

So this is the kit....


I'm on a bit of a nostalgic bent at the moment, going back and buying and building kits I did in my yufe & onward's. This Peugeot was actually one of the first cars that I built and actually one of the first Tamiya cars that I did, (would have been around 91-92.) This was the kit that made me move forward in my modelling, deciding to try those new fangelled rattle cans after it was built, because I didn't even paint the body because I couldn't find a matching colour for the Camel Yellow in Humbrol :) 

This time around I thought Id make a bit more of an effort.

One of the nice things with this kit is that because it is a 1990 release, it has all the Camel decals included on the decal sheet. 

Ok, Engine and Transmission went together nicely. 

Shiny bits are various AK Xtreme Metals paints. I tried to get the Fibreglass mudguards the right colour but they ended up looking just like the Camel Yellow on the bodywork :(, but i'm going to brush flat clear(to give a bit more of a texture) and then dry-brush some more desert yellow on top of that. The plug leads have to be left as is for the moment because they actually attach to the rear frame, where the distributors are. 

I'm not going mad with the wiring, just adding where some of it can be seen, and the rear of the engine is covered by the radiator and spare wheel so not much will be going in there.

btw, the drive shaft is hidden between the chassis and bash plate and cant be seen so i'm not going to bother painting it 



Cockpit now...

After about 73 coats of Tamiya Fine White (and the yellow is still showing through in places) I added the fuel tank and rear bulkhead and a few other bits. Photos show on the real car the bulkhead being black, white, bare metal... so I stuck with white. Again minimal wiring added from pics just to have some detail there. 0.6 braided hose used on one of the bottles and that terminates under the airbox which is quite handy :) 

If you look on the box picture, you'll see that there is a metal mesh on the little rear window and Ill be adding that in later as its not included. 

There are a couple of ejector pin marks yes, but once the seats and other stuff is in they will be barely, if at all, visible.



That's about it for now. I'm busy cleaning up and assembling the front suspension and will be fitting the cockpit and engine together this afternoon :) 

All comments etc always welcome 

Mad Steve

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Nice to see one of these built again Steve. I remember building this and it's little brother around that time and loved it 

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Yeah, the 205 was the first Tamiya car kit I built :) I didn't even paint it, just polished the body with floor polish.... Oh the simple days :) 

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Afternoon Chaps :) 

Bit of an update 

Engine bay is just about done for now. Not much more can be done until the roll cage goes in.

Additions are a bit more wiring and piping. There is a lot more that can go in behind the engine and under the exhausts, but you basically cant see it. 



The cockpit is now ready for the seats and dashboard. I'm not sure what i'm going to do about the seat belts yet, see how that pans out. 


That's it for now 




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