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Walrus's Hobbits, Ringwraiths, Wizards and all things tabletop.

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Since my other hobby is board gaming, which has lead to lots of minis that need painting over the years, have set up this thread to show what I get up to.

Earlier this year bagged a second hand copy of a Lord of the Rings Board Game.  
The game has four generic Hobbits in different coloured plastic and a token for the Eye of Sauron.

Source: Boardgamegeek

Have has some Games Workshop metal figures for ages and thought it was time to paint them up to bling out the game.

Then I saw a new GW set of the Witch King, including a standing figure and as one of the Riders 

Was expecting more metal figures, but this is a new plastic set which was disappointing in that it retails at 20 quid iirc 
Got them for £15 which is a little more acceptable.  The fact that you get a lot more plastic in a model kit for the same amount rankles a tad! xD 
Though tbh metal is not my favourite material to work with.  So I'll forgive them.

Also the original LOTR minis were sculpted by the Perry Brothers and based on the movies.  
The quality of sculpting is very good imho. Will be posting examples at a later date.

Typical hard GW plastic and exaggerated detail, with some seam lines to trim off.
Overall looks pretty good.

Also ordered a Citadel (GW) mini holder as I wanted something to hold the minis while working on them.
Blu tac tends to get soft and can be a nuisance.


Some of the sprue gates are in really awkward places and quite chunky, otherwise they've gone together well enough so far.
Managed to bend the crown's spikes 🙄


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  • Walrus changed the title to Walrus's Hobbits, Ringwraiths, Wizards and all things tabletop.

The figures went together pretty well.
Have to say that the parts are designed so that the joins follow folds and divisions in the garments 
Seam lines also tend to follow the edges of parts.  Fit was pretty good too.





Although the crowned helm is really cool, decided to go for the hooded option for the Black Rider, as per the Fellowship of the Ring and the hunt for Frodo.
Am trying to prep the metal minis so I can prime them altogether with the Space Submarine. 
So the Nazgul are about to take a bath in the waters of the River Bruinen!

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Not done a great deal of anything over the last week or so, other than prep some metal minis.

Have found that using AK Interactive Black Base with a brush really helps the grey acrylic primer to adhere.
I should have taken photos of more of the models in that state as the staining brings out the details, as in this figure by Demented Games for "Twisted". "A Steampunk Skirmish Game"

Nancy, after the character in Oliver Twist

You will probably recognise the primed figures, all being from the original Games Workshop Lord of the Rings figures sculpted by the Perry Brothers.
Brush primed with AK "New Formula" Grey primer.


Gandalf on Shadowfax

Elrond and Samwise Gamgee

Original Witch-King of Angmar


Gawd I'm dreading posting pics of miniatures with paint on em.
But here goes.  

At this stage some washes had been applied to unify and darken the robes.
The ink used on top of that gave a glossy finish which the matt varnish failed to remove.
Done some more work since and hope to have the first figure of the batch finished this week/next year 

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Slowly plodding along 
Nancy has been a joy to paint so far and I'm getting nervous and don't want to tempt providence.

The crisp detailing and smooth surfaces have made her a joy to paint.
Unlike Galadriel who has been a real struggle to get her to this stage. 
She looked okay under my lamps but the true light of day showed her to more like an orc than the Lady of Light she should be.
Keep trying to improve her face which is getting there.  I'm probably going to have to accept that she ain't gonna get any better

There is set with this figure, Celeborn and Galadriel's Mirror.
For 30 quid not sure the mirror is good enough a model to justify a purchase.  
Might have to design my own version 


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Thank you for all the kind words 

Galadriel is nearly there, pending on how bad she looks when I see here blown up on the screen! xD
Just a few finishing touches required.  Thankfully I was able to stop myself just fiddling around and messing up as is my wont! lol



The Nazgul has been at the same stage
A coat of matt varnish brushed on didn't quite work.  Hoping to work on the base later this evening and then spray on a coat of Galleria to finish off.



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Posted (edited)

The Nazgul is finished
Black costumes are a bugger to paint imho, but this will do as a pawn for my LOTR boardgame




I could have faffed around forever but just had to get it out of the way, though TBH I forgot to finish off the base and may give the armour a bit of a glaze to make it a bit more shiny.
To be fair to myself, he looks a lot better to the naked eye.
The basing was done with a real autumn leaf which was subjected to a maple leaf punch.


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