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pair of 1/72 scale Fairey Swordfish 1974 Matchbox kits

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Thank you, they are coming along arn't they, and todays Vintage decal experience was positive, unlike the Revell Wessex. Perfect wet and slide.


managed to find alternative tail and callsign numbers for Aircraft Able. Decal Spares box to the rescue, never throw any decals away.


and the kit supplied decals


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I think I'd have given the matt a lick of Kleer and then set them on a drop o'the stuff.

No silvering and it suck the decals down into the surface detail,then once it's dried o'er night spritz it with matt varnish.

Biffo engine exhaust collector rings were actually steel,so more hues of straw and blues than

copper per se me old fruit:


and,the FAAHF Stringbag's collector ring:

r 19.jpg


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Cheers for that info Miggers, I've been searching for the colour for the long mk3 exhaust, designed to lessen the flame giving the aircraft away at low light, I've gone from rust to burned copper back over to blued steel, more paint coats on it than HMS Victory. the collector ring looks unlike the one in your picture. I'm always weary of using restored better than new projects as reference for an overworked wartime aircraft though.


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49 minutes ago, Miggers said:

Grand Sprock,who're they tin-fishing BTW?

some of Erwin's petrol ships, I read that the Swordfish accounted for more shipping tonnage sunk than any other British type, it may have been Allied type, but I can't believe it after the battle of Midway success of Grumman types.

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final view of the Swordfish as they fly off on their mission to attack some of Romell's supply ships in the Med.

In reality I've promised this to Mark in my local cancer charity shop, he has two customers that keep asking when the next model will be in. Nice to know they go to a good home.


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