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Razor Crest, Bandai 1/144

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5 hours ago, Nobody Significant said:

How big is it?  Difficult to tell from the pics.  I don't think Bandai have actually quoted a scale (yet), but if the model is about 18cm (give or take), then that would indeed make it about 1/144th scale.  But if the model is only about 7.5cm (give or take), then that's more like 1/350th scale (Bandai did 'Falcon's in both those scales, thus the Perfect Grade 1/72nd beast of course).

Regardless, it looks a lovely little kit, but I so dearly wish Bandai would make bigger models!

Its quoted on the box as 1/144, but no idea as to what the real size is.

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23 minutes ago, Nobody Significant said:

It is?????  You’ve better eyes than me….  🙂


I believe the (cough) “real thing” is meant to be about 26 metres nose to tail.  So if the finished model is about 7cm then my maths says that’s about 1/350th…?

Whatever. That isn't even the same boxing as the one I've built. But thanks for turning my thread into your need to be right.

If it's that important tonyou, Why didn't you raise this during the build thread?(btw, don't bother answering)

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