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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

A start has been made on this mahoosive jobbie....


Its quite involved this one, excellent detail though. 

I looked at the above photo and thought it doesnt really show its size... so;

Next to the usual GMC Military Truck...


Or for a more convenient measurement, its the size of 2 FV432's 😬


But wait, theres more....

Its bigger than a Challenger!


Thats enough of that then... more later 😬

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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

I finally managed to get the chassis finished and got some Nato Green on it. 


Looking at the instructions today, the camo looks like it might be a challenge :) 

I really would like a bigger scale one of these. I see there's one with a roll off container deck, that could be fun :) 


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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Need to get a move on with this, so I've made a start on the Cab and Engine deck.

Don't like the solid headlights, so I drilled them out, and will fill them with white glue or Enamel Clear. 



Then I forgot to take pics of the rest, so I'll take some more tomorrow :) 

If you thought this jobbie was big, wait till you see it next to the Russian Tank Transporter tractor, the Maz 7410 :yes:

Laaaatuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur :tank:

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Evenin All :analintruder:

Some progress has been made....


There'd be more progress, but there are just ejector pin holes EVERYWHERE... and when you think you've got them all, more pop up :) 

Still have to build the HIAB platform at the back and then finally it will all come together... Pity the HIAB cant be positioned for like a mini diorama effect. 

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Evenin All :w00t:

Righto then, finally making some progress...

Not sure about the colour yet. Looking on the internet most of these Hemtt trucks seem to be Desert Sand, or actually a mixture of Sand and Nato Green...

There does seem to be the majority that are Nato Green and not many that are the Nato Three Colour camo. 

I don't like the open bed so something needs to be added, thinking of a couple of box shape things covered in a tarp maybe. (Still learning on the camera so bear with me)

The HIAB at the rear has been made up and needs painting but that's about it  



Oh, and if you didn't think the 8 wheeled version was big enough, there's a 10 wheeled one :) 



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Evenin All :w00t:

Getting a bit irritated with this at the moment. Every time I look at it I find something wrong or that I need to fix, and I cant decide whether to do the 3 colour camo or not. So, this is going on the back burner for a week or two and I can come back to it with fresh eyes.

So for now... This is it :) 



But fear not, I have something else to keep you all entertained. :) 

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