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ST-70 Assault Ship 'Razor Crest' (The Mandalorian) - NEW TOOL (06781)

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Ahead of the image spread for the hotly anticipated re-purposed ST-70 Assault Ship ‘Razor Crest’, we can now present the artwork that will adorn the package box. Depicting the hero ship as piloted by Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) being chased by two New Republic X-Wing Fighters in a scene fans will know from season 2 of Disney Star Wars - The Mandalorian, we think this box art looks simply fantastic and perfectly conveys the high energy of the show. If you haven’t already seen the programme (sneak peek below), we heartily recommend taking out a Disney+ subscription to watch this and all other Star Wars related live-action movies and cartoons, with many having model replica vehicles available from the wider Revell Star Wars & Bandai Star Wars product ranges!

We can additionally confirm that the New Tool 1:72 kit will include parts to depict Razor Crest either in-flight (with included display stand) or landed with undercarriage deployed and access ramps extended to show off the extensive interior detail.



Wow! Wow! Wow! And I've not even seen a single episode of The Mandalorian!

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5 minutes ago, Paul Brown said:



Wow! Wow! Wow! And I've not even seen a single episode of The Mandalorian!

youre kidding? :o:o:o

you really need to watch it.......i binged watched both series in a week, and have gone back and rewatched it again

its how the last trilogy should have been made, not the mess they were

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