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1/65 Outland TIE Fighter (The Mandalorian) (06782)

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It's a Star Wars TIE Fighter, what's not to like?! Plus this has folded panels, I can't think of any other kit with this feature, although if there is please feel free to put me to rights. The scale is a bit of an oddity, but Revell have had a 1/65 kit that has been released multiple times since first release in 2011, so it must be a really good selling product. This particular kit seems to be based on the 2011 tooling with added parts for the panel folds as per the Mandalorian series. It wouldn't look completely out of place with 1/72 TIE Fighters. It's going to be difficult to resist...










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2 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

Wing folders usually take up less space on the big flat floaty things. I think the Tie Fighter is the only one that takes up more room when its wings are folded 😁

And it makes it look like the mutant love-child of a crab and a George Foreman grill.

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As a complete Bandai convert, I am sorry to be the (lone) voice of dissention in the wilderness, but this is going to be very, very easy for me to resist....

  1. It's Revell.  Their accuracy and quality leave a lot to be desired.  I already notice obvious seams across details parts where it will be a pain in the proverbial to fix, whereas Bandai had separate parts to cover the seams and make the end-result perfect.
  2. The odd scale just grates.  Make it 1/72nd or 1/48th, but this strange in-between is very much going to look odd next to something that is more of a consistent scale.

...but that's just me.

Oh, and just to uber-geek-out, the canon of the earlier Star Wars Rebels animated series did actually have TIE's landing on the edge of their "wings" as per Jessie_C's comment.  But the "canon" of the SW universe is (now) inconsistent between series (Rebels, Mandalorian.... etc).   But ignore me.  I fully admit to being a mega-SW-nerd.

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16 minutes ago, Nobody Significant said:

 I am sorry to be the (lone) voice of dissention in the wilderness

Feel free to dissent, no issues here. No question Bandai are the gold standard for SW geeks, but for me kit subject outweighs manufacturer and any inherent flaws in the kit. I would guess in this case the kit is based on a previous box scale effort which explains the wacky scale, but until Bandai do a folded wing TIE in 1/72, then I'm flashing the cash at this one. :)

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