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1/35 Skif Strela 10-SV. An interesting kit of an Interesting vehicle.

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Hello all.

I recently acquired this 1/35 rendition of a Strela 10 by Skif of Ukraine. It is based on the chassis of the MT-LB APC (also offered by Skif) The motivation for buying this was simply that we use these and this was very affordable (the kit was $17.99).

The kit itself is I think the only other 1/35 injection kit of this subject, the other one being by Trumpeter which is detailed to the point of over-engineering, and while this does suit those who want such a detailed model, its not very appealing to me. This kit on the other hand is quite simple and easy to make with lots of potential, in some areas more than the Trumpeter.

To start off: 

The box art is a nice drawn/painted one of the Strela in a battle/exercise setting.


It is top opening and reasonably sturdy.

Upon opening it, you are greeted by the instructions, the sprues, the tracks and a PE fret.


The eagle eyed will notice that one sprocket wheel and one missile came off the sprue, but as they are all in a plastic bag together, this is inevitable.


Sprue A contains the running gear, torsion bars etc. A close inspection reveals the mouldings to be reasonably crisp and clean. No major flash to speak of


Sprue B contains major hull components. Skif has very cleverly left the rear section of the upper hull open to allow for different parts to be attached for different roles. (A lot of variations are offered on the MT-LB by Skif)


This kit does not have a Sprue C, that is in the normal MT-LB kit. The Sprue D pictured here contains the rear doors  and the engine compartment walls. This is where this kit wins out over the Trumpeter as the interior provided while basic, is at least complete. The Trumpeter kits has a partial interior, but not complete. This interior can be improved through scratchbuilding, but its a nice touch. The con here however is that no transparencies are provided for the windshields and their positions are solid plastic, some more scratch building here.


Sprue F contains further interior details like internal fuel tanks etc as well as the racks for 4 spare missiles.


Sprue H contains all components for the AAM, it is reasonably detailed and crisp, but again the missile operators compartment is not rendered.


Sprue K contains further missile components.


The one major shortcoming I am observing is this complete Urod of a PKM. Thankfully Indian Army Strela's do not mount them so I will not be using it. Maybe for something else.


The tracks of the kit come in 2 sections that need to be fused together with heat. There are injection marks on the inside of the tracks, but they can be sanded down and in any case the road wheels will cover them, as the MT-LB's return run is basically sag. The track tread is reasonably detailed and clean. Those who want more detail could invest in after market replacements.


There is also brass copper provided with the kit for more detailing. A nice touch in my opinion.

Next up, we have the instructions.


The cover page of the instructions contains the information of the vehicle as well as principal specs. The information is in 4 languages and from what I can read, it was translated into English after downing a few bottles of vodka.


The next 2 pages inside show the colours required in Humbrol designations. Also, the Sprue list is shown.


The construction starts off with the lower hull being built up and then the running gear and upper hull. A KGB cryptologist seems to have been involved in the making of these as they need careful reading to understand.


The next page adds further details and parts and finishes the construction of the vehicle.


The last page shows the missile launcher's construction and on the bottom left we are shown the marking details for the Slovak, Hungarian and Russian Army.


The back of the instructions shows further marking details for the Czech, Soviet, East German, Serbian, Macedonian and Polish Army. Only, there is a small catch, there are no decals with the kit. While this is no issue for me, it may be one for someone planning one of the above schemes...

All in all this is an interesting kit which is very promising. I look forward to building it when I go back from school in December.

I rate the kit 7 hammers and sickles out of 10 due to lack of transparencies, the PKM and some softness of detail in places.

Well worth the price though.

This has been a Vaastav review, thank you for reading

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Nice review Vaastav.

Shame it doesn't have clear parts or decals but at least the windscreen is flat and so reasonable easy to make. Other than that it looks like you get a lot for your money.

I've just had a look and the Trumpy kit is about £40, which shows what good value this kit is.

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1 hour ago, Gorby said:

Nice review Vaastav.

Shame it doesn't have clear parts or decals but at least the windscreen is flat and so reasonable easy to make. Other than that it looks like you get a lot for your money.

I've just had a look and the Trumpy kit is about £40, which shows what good value this kit is.

I agree. This kit has a lot more potential and is better executed when you compare value for money. Thanks for the kind words

1 hour ago, Grunhertz said:

Nice one Vastaav 

Thanks Herr Grun

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