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LRDG Chevrolet truck with Eduard PE set 1/35th Tamiya new kit.

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Tamiya has re-released it's old LRDG kit with a new box art and some changes.


the sharp eye'd will notice a little MB logo on the box top artwork, a collaboration.



lifting the lid, the first thing you see is the figures, I have only had positive experience with MB


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I'll look that up skwonk, may get some inspiration.


the pe bumper requires sanding off the old from the bumper blade


the bumper fitted to the assembled chassis in primer, need to rotate those tires to hide the flat cut off spots.


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Posted (edited)

The "sports" windscreens and the dash instruments


pencil strike through done, and circles on parts to build later, after the salt technique.


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Added details
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The PE really makes this model look good! is it included in this boxing, or is it aftermarket? Edit: I suppose I could just read the thread title one of these days.

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Blonde moment
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Thanks for Dropping in to the LRDG party everyone.


the cab pe rifle retaining clips on the door edges.



catches and retaining clips on the rear body panels


the hook tie downs need bending downward. When the glue hardens off.


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Comparison with the two .303 rifles types issued in the kit, Tamiya in yellow, MB grey. The tamiya one's date from the 70's and MB are recent creations. First the stock above the trigger on the MB's are too deep, but the trigger guard on the Tamiya's are too thick, but profile wise, the older moldings have the better profile, I may file down the trigger guards, cut off the retaining clamps, file them down to stock profile and use the Tamiya Enfields in the pe retaining clamps in the cab.


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When it comes to the weapons it would also depend on setting, as if say they were about to do a raid or were in a heavily patrolled area, they would have kept the weapons free for immediate use.

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Quite right, it all depends on the second by second situation. Having watched sea of sand, required viewing for anyone making this kit, the guns are covered and the covers are quick release and off in seconds, but I'm doing mine bogged down in sand, all hands to the pumps, officers included.

The radio in this kit is not the correct type, so I'm closing it up, using the eduard PE lids.


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closing the panels, blast this failing Sony Cyber shot, it's lasted years but it's showing it's age now, looking forward to taking control of it's replacement next week, with better control of aperture, depth of field. Fuzzy images and part closed lens covers may be a thing of the past for me.


the whole thing closed up, just the PE handes to fit.


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2 hours ago, Walrus said:

Looking great Sprocket
I'm wondering how the MiniArt Lee Enfields compare. 
Will try and take some pics later

On the whole, I think Tamiya has it for accuracy on profile, I just need to sand/file down those thick cartoon trigger guards.


body to chassis bonding, peg holding the can until it dries. pe mud flaps and under body storage box in place.



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