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Here's one(or two) I made earlier

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Tolvcats Bloodbowl post reminded me that I wanted to post some of my old Warhammer Figs

First a couple of Tyranid Nasties





A couple of in progress (at the time) of Tomb Kings warriors and Chariot



And a Catachan Sniper


And these two are 75mm figures from the Games Workshop Inquisitor range.



I'm still searching for the rest of the pics, 40k and Fantasy figures :) 


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1 hour ago, MikoLee said:

WoW!! pretty damn cool! with all those hellish demons you might like to meet missus Miko

oooh oooh ooooh controversial!! 


Miko (please don't tell her!?!?)

You're a dead man if she ever checks up. Now. what do you have in your stash that I might like?

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1 hour ago, Gorby said:

I'm sure their mothers love them. :ermm:

I thought you said you couldn't paint figures? They look fantastic. 

Do you still have them?

I do still have them yes. Painting 28mm figures is a lot different to 75, 90, 120mm figures. I started on GW figures and wargaming from about 18 to about 30, so i had a bit of practise 😁

30 minutes ago, Tolvcat said:

Love the 'nids, I have an army in (very slow) progress. The Tomb Kings were very cool too, but I never had a go at one, Kislev and Skaven were my favourites at the time the TK were out. 


I liked the Tomb Kings because they werent just a normal Skeleton Army that you could mow through with most Armies. I loved the ancient Egypt tie in so built up a modest Army 😁 Although I mainly played with an Orc Army, I wasn't really fond of non human armies, and was in the process of building up an old empire army, but then life got in the way 😁

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