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Revell 1:600 RMS Titanic (easy-click system 05498)

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Make: Revell (Easy-Click System kit)
Scale:  1:600
Kit Number: 05498
Model: RMS Titanic
Markings: See above
Paint Method: Brush
Paints Used: Revell Aquacolor for the small amount of painting required
Decals Fixing: N/A, self adhesive stickers used
Weathering: N/A
Varnishes: N/A
Aftermaket: N/A
Scratch Build: N/A
Revell’s easy-click system is type of kit designed for either the less experienced model maker or casual hobbyist. It fits in between the construction block starter sets and tradition kits. They can be assembled without paint or glue as (as the name suggests) the parts “click” into place and come in pre-coloured plastic, however they aim to produce accurate miniatures more akin to traditional models at the end of the construction processes.
I deliberately restricted this build to a completely OOB build following the construction sequence and paint guide in the instructions, to the point of using the self adhesive stickers rather than the traditional decals which are both supplied with the kit, just to see what the unadulterated result would be.
The easy-click certainly worked and I used it throughout, however for piece of mind for the smaller pieces like the ventilation ducts, I did put a drop of Tamiya Extra thin in the holes before fitting just in case and it worked fine on the plastic.
I did find the front of the bridge portion slightly long and was the only piece I had to adjust.
The white plastic was more soft and “bendy” than traditional plastic but once integrated into the model it retains adequate integrity. It is very resistant to the paint and it took a few coats of some of the paint to stick to it. I did follow the painting instructions, but painting is restricted to a few bits here and there but this could be missed out if the builder did not feel comfortable doing it.
Please bear in mind the target audience this kit is intended, and as such I would recommend it in the context for what it is designed for, novice, inexperienced or casual builders who want a sizable replica at the end of their efforts. The build itself took about 9 hours and it could be embellished by drilling out portholes, rigging and lighting it (although light seepage could be a problem) but I would think these types of additional work better suited to traditional kits. It would also be a good project for learning the basics of parts clean up, fitting, following constructions steps and painting.
Thanks for looking.

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It looks like a nice little version of the Titanic with plenty of scope to add extra detail if you so wished, but if it encourages more people, especially youngsters, to try building models then it has to be a good thing,

Cheers Andy

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