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1/700 HMS Conqueror and Tugs

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Hello Everyone,

Here is a model I started and shelved a long time ago. I was inspired to pick it up again when watching Vigil with Sarah of a Sunday. (I know, I know, technically very poor, but a pleasant enough watch.) The sub itself is a very simple single white metal casting, with two sails depending on whether you would like the masts up or down. I set it with Orange Hobby's  Bruiser and Rowangarth tugs. 3D Model Parts supllied the crew members. Tecnically the sub should flying the Jolly Roger as this is meant to show her returning to Faslane in July 1982, after sinking the Belgrano, but I haven't got rond to working out how to make one in 1/700 that adds anything to the model.














Thanks for lookiing in,


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