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Does anyone on here collect naval stuff?

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I have this:


I found it when I cleared my dad's house a few years ago. I know he was in the Sea Cadets when he was young, although I didn't know anything about this (is it a pennant?) or anything else about his time in the cadets. I assume it is from the ship he trained on. This would be the ship of the correct era.

It isn't of any interest to me as it wasn't a significant part of his life and he had noting else to do with the navy.

Free to a good home.

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Hi Mark.
I'm assuming that the pennant may have had something to do with the association of the ship with Coventry. 

The ship was adopted by the City of Coventry after HMS Coventry the Ceres Class Light Cruiser had been sunk in September 1942 off the coast of Egypt by German JU-87 dive-bombers. Coventry ’s Councillors and Citizens kept in touch with the ship throughout the war.

On December 13th Argonaut joined HMS Aurora, HMS Eskimo, and HMS Quality and left Bone to intercept another Axis convoy however delays in setting sail meant they missed the convoy. On December 14th, 1942 at 06:00 HMS Argonaut was hit by two torpedoes from the Italian Submarine Mocenigo and was badly damaged with both her bow & stern blown off. Whilst dealing with the damage she was also attacked by aircraft with a near miss to the starboard quarter. Three members of her crew were killed by the explosion. The ship made its way under constant harassment by aircraft to Gibraltar via Algiers using only two of its four propellers. In Gibraltar, a makeshift bow was made which proved to be useless. The Germans were certain that the Argonaut had been sunk and reported it on German Radio. The National Savings Committee announced that the City of Coventry had raised £2,250,000 to replace the Argonaut after the announcement by the Axis.

HMS Argonaut Association  


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13 hours ago, Walrus said:

The ship was adopted by the City of Coventry after HMS Coventry the Ceres Class Light Cruiser had been sunk

Thanks Paul, I didn't know about the ships association with Cov. Maybe that's how my dad ended up with it in one way or another. He would have been eleven in 1942.


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