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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Cant wait to start on this so lets jump right it.... 

The Dax is the 2nd in the Big Scale Bikes range, after the CB 750, and was released in 1971. What Tamiya have done with this is the same as with the re released CB 750 ; they have left the kit, instructions and everything as it was in 1971, just with the addition of Cartograf decals :) 

Ok, inside the box stuff...


Ooops, forgot to to take a photo of the actual bodywork...


There are two great big runners of chrome...

One shiny


one satin 


Its likely very few parts will remain in chrome state... hate shiny shiny bits on bike models.

Nice little fake rubber seat, and hand grips and foot pegs... 


and the new Cartograf decals 

You can build both the 50 and 70 version, literally the only difference (apart from the engine size) is the side stickers :) 


A quick glimpse of the old style Tamiya instructions. It actually gives you step by step written instructions as well as pictures, and, gives you a description of all the parts :) 

There are no paint call outs back then... how did they manage (sarcasm) 


I will not be doing the Metallic Red shown on the box, but rather TS 92 Metallic Orange, my favourite colour :) 


Onwards then..... 

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I still have one or two left 😁 ( worrying tho, bike stock has fallen below 60) 

I like to keep my brain busy. I hate Gardening, I suck at carpentry and I have a wife list 3 miles long to keep me out of trouble for a couple of decades 😁

Plus I do consulting work for my friends auditing firm which brings in some nice dosh to buy more models :analintruder:

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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Finally made a start over the weekend.

These old Tamiya kits need a bit of planning. Back in 71, shiny was it, and the more shiny stuff your kit had, the more fantastic it was..... not :no:

When you were getting your jollies from the brand new Airfix Saturn V or Morris Cowley, Tamiya unleashed this SHINY example onto the market.

Right then, the entire engine is chrome... was chrome :yes:

It was stripped down and repainted Aluminium and Semi Gloss Black 



I left a couple of the covers shiny, as they are in real life. And that's it, that's the whole engine. 

The front forks were a different matter. The top orange section need to be built last, encasing the forks inside them. That obviously wouldn't work, so I modified it a bit so that I could build the top section first and then slot the forks in. Those rubber boots are horrible and I'm working on them still. The Mudguard is supposed to be chrome, but I like it Black.


Thats it for now. Waiting for stuff to dry... :) 

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13 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

The Mudguard is supposed to be chrome, but I like it Black.

Your a rebel you. :rambo: 

I'm sure Che Guevara would have said “Steady on old boy, that's a bit radical”.

Well, he'd have said it in Spanish obviously. :yes:

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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Slowly coming along....

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon when I realised this kit is 50 years old! (Heeeeeeeey, wouldn't that be a cool Group Build, 50 Year old kits :)

Anyhoo, this kit is before, what some people call, shake and bakes, meaning that you don't actually have to put any effort into building Tamiya kits because they just fall together (absolute twaddle just btw)... in fact I think this kit was even before the oven :) 

The layout for building is not like they are today, following a logical path in building, (engine, then the frame, then bodywork, front forks etc) they are more like a whole load of small sub assemblies that will just need to hang around on the desk until need. Likewise, about 60% of the kit is either shiny or satin chrome, which I hate (I may have mentioned that a few times :)) so all those bits need repainting......

So after a few days of painting and repainting and building little bits you have a whole pile of little bits that are trying not to get broken on the bench...


Right then...

Frame is ready to go


The hugely complicated swingarm also ready...


And these bits are the Fuel tank, Battery Holder and the Airbox & Carb


Finally, I can start putting it together...

Fuel tank slides into the front of the frame and the rear mudguard fitted


And the swingarm and grabby holdy thing fitted.

The funny looking thing at the front is the electrical wiring to the lights....



Thats it for now, still got loads of stuff that I sit looking at watching paint dry :) 

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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Quite a lot of progress  on this, in fact its actually finished now.

So, kicking off... engine and carb fitted onto the frame.


Then the rear suspension


followed by the Auspuff and reg plate



And then the rear wheel 😁20210925_134830.thumb.jpg.a0667a4a0c754d7fd33c1e91ee7ca4b4.jpg

All the rear brake bumpf was connected up as well. The kick starter was molded with the foot peg sticking out, thus...


so i chopped off the top and put it in the proper folded position.


and last up, the front forks were added. 



I know the front mudguard just looks wrong but its on the right way and its the way its shows in the instruction... 🤔

Annnnnyway. Like i said, its actually finished now. Photos in Gallery

Thanks for following and the comments 


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  • Mad Steve changed the title to TAMIYA 1/6TH HONDA DAX ST70 (FINISHED)

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