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A Long Time Ago, In A Theatre Far, Far Away...

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I saw the most amazing film, and the rest is history. Han shot first, Vader was pure evil and there was enough left unexplained that you could imagine yourself in that world for hours.

This post will be a placeholder while I wait for the decals to be delivered because for reasons best known to themselves, Bandai only supplied stickers for the smaller kits and that quite simply won't do. Fortunately, there's a seller on evil-bay who does all sorts of decals so instead of another boring Red Five and Gold Leader, my ships will belong to Blue Squadron.


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A first coat of the base colour on the Rebel ships. They get Tamiya X 80 Royal Light Grey, which is just about perfect.

The Y wing has always been my favourite of the Star Wars ships.


But like the Spitfire, the X wing got all the publicity


The Johnny-come-lately U wing is a bit of a hybrid. It's a lot like a Star Wars Mi-24. I'm still undecided whether I like it or not. The TIE Striker on the second frame will get its own appearance in another installment.


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A little detailing on the X wing. NATO black with graphite powder to give it that oily metal sheen. The R2 is going to need some silver.

The Y wing is subassemblies now. I think that I've duplicated the scene where Gold Leader explodes


It's going to look soooo good after the black wash and drybrushing. After that, all the details will come from the decals.


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Well this is annoying. The patch cable for my camera appears to have broken; I can't transfer images to the computer now. This means that updates will stop until the new patch cable is delivered.

I'll build, and take pictures along the way, and then post them all at once so it appears like I build at warp speed.

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Photos are going to have to wait for at least another month; my primary computer decided that yesterday was a good day to die. The repair shop says it'll take a month to get the necessary parts in, so until then I'm confined to the written word. Photos will come along in due course.

The TIE fighters are painted and the decals on the solar collectors are drying. The decal material is pretty tough, which is a good thing, because I had to do some pretty extensive coercing to get them to lie down properly where they belong. They don't completely conform to the fine engraving on the collectors despite the setting solution. Once everything dries out I'm going to see how well the boiling water trick works to convince them to work.

The U wing is awaiting its final paint job, and I'm having to mask the canopy, which is a tricky job, seeing how the side windows are so very small.

The Y wing is complete and awaiting a dark wash before I put the decals on it.

The X wing needs more paint on its wings before I can do the wash and decals.

In between times, an A wing arrived from Japan and the major building is complete. I'm going to try and paint the markings on this one, because they're relatively simple.

I also broke down and bought a Millennium Falcon. I doubt that I'll get that one done for this build but it's fun to contemplate it. Bandai really pulled out all the stops for it.

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All 3 TIE fighters are done. The X wing and Y wing have their decals on and drying and I'm partway through decalling the U wing. I'm really glad that the decals are so tough, because I've had to do quite a bit of persuading to get them to sit nicely where they're supposed to go.

Photos will need to wait until the computer gets out of computer hospital...

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