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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Bit more progress...

Starting with the lower bits :) 

Boots and all the other green bits now have a dark green wash on them 


Returning to the naff bits :) 

Shoulder pads on, I haven't given them a wash yet. Belt buckle added and I think it looks quite natty 

Nooooooooooow I need to start looking at the helmet and that is the bit that scares me the most.... 


Good fun :yes:

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Just had a good read up of this Steve,

Very interesting it was too:thumbup:!!

Looking very good so far i must say. 😎

Even though my modelling has previously been totally WW2,Vietnam eras,i have to admit to straying into the Fantasy genre recently so far as stash building goes!!😲

As a young un these Judge Dredd stories always did it for me,(As did "Strontium Dog":ninja:),so i shall be watching your progress very keenly!


P.S. I always thought that the Sylvester Stallone  movie completely missed a trick,it could`ve been a great chance to make an iconic film,however,they managed to stuff it up by deciding to go with a weak,political,good guy gets wronged by the system,Hollywood type plot ...... such a shame.

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Great chance for the makings of an iconic sci fi film.... stuffed up again 😁

I have been trying to track down the other Halcyon figures as well now. Never built such a large scale figure before but good fun. 

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