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Afternoon Everyone :)

1977, the Queens Silver Jubilee, and I remember we had a riot of a street party. That February I got an gift certificate to Beatties in the Bull Ring, and that was just the dogs danglies....( 10 whole pounds... man I was rich :w00t:)

But then something happened just after my Birthday that changed me in such a way, that I even considered becoming an Artist...

And that was 2000AD

I was a complete 2000AD Nerd. I had, and still have, every issue from 1977 to 1983, and all the annuals, posters, Tshirts, you name it, and Judge Dredd was the Sheet. Rogue Trooper came along a couple of years later and came a close second but Ol Stoney Face was the man! 

There's been a few kits related to Judge Dredd over the years, and when a friend of a friend offered me the Halcyon kit I was over the moon... for about 3 minutes....

This is how I received the kit...





with a bag of other bits.

I was really upset, and it went in the cupboard, but today....:w00t:

If you will permit me, id like to build this for the GB.

From the years and years of Judge Dredd, could they not have chosen a less camp pose?:yes:

Years ago, (and I mean years), I drew up plans to build his Lawmaster bike, plans which I still have and will Gorbyise the one day

So, I know a couple of pieces have been stuck together but Id really like to build this for the GB

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1 hour ago, Mad Steve said:

That February I got an gift certificate to Beatties in the Bull Ring, and that was just the dogs danglies....( 10 whole pounds... man I was rich :w00t:)

Blimey.  Wish I had ten quid to spend at Beatties in the Bull Ring! lol
Used to love the shop.  By the time I was earning some money to spend on models there I had stopped playing with plastic for all the usual reasons. 

Was never into AD2000 tbh Steve.  It was just after my time although I still had the Beano and Dandy every week! 
I reckon Desperate Dan and Pansy Potter could take Judge Dredd any day! xD 

Good luck.  
Just a thought, surely someone made a model of Dredd's 'bike?  
You need to get one in the same scale


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Afternoon Everyone 😁

I know it doesnt look like i've done much but sorting the join lines out and getting the top & bottom together took the better part of 2 hours... good fun. 


Im not too fussed about the waist and shoulder joints because they will be covered with the belt and shoulder pads. 

Really is a naff pose 🤭

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34 minutes ago, Gorby said:

Have you got something for his raised foot to rest on?

Or are you going to put him next to a tree in a 'cocked leg' pose? :smiling: 

I thought it was Judge Dread not Judge Dog :o 

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Bit more work on Captain Naff 

Busy sanding down the arm bit but I just thought I'd show you the first ever tip I read in the old Airfix Magazine that I actually used.

To help you get the seam lines and joint lines right, after you have glued them together, use a black sharpie and draw a line along the joint and sand away. the seam will be gone when the line has gone :) 

I know.... fascinating hey :) 


Its nearly time for some paint, and that's going to open up a whole other kettle of fish :yes:


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Well then, some of yer aktual progress... 

Captain Naff has actually come together quite nicely and the fit wasn't too bad at all. (but still looks like a complete plonker...) 


Now we can turn our heads to painting, and this is where the hoohaa begins... 

Most people may only recall Judge Dredd by his portrayal by some semi famous, (and actually quite irritating) American actorist...and he supposedly looked like this... (note the serious bling)


The bling will be toned down to this...


For those of us that have lived... This is what we remember Judge Joe looking like....


And that's how I'm going to be painting the figure.

The uniform is another argueing point in exactly what colour it is. It isn't actually black, but rather a darker blue. 

I've used Tamiya XF Field Blue as a base. The green bits are going to be possibly dark or olive green, then dry brushed lighter, and the gold will be black based and gold dry brushed... :) 

So, now we have his PJ's painted....


Loooots more to do and its been soooooooo long since I've done any figures :) (oooooh masking this is going to be fun...) 

I would also like the Judge Anderson and Judge Death figures as well tho :w00t:



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