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Printer Recommendations (Speculating About Buying.)

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Hi Kids,

I've got a small job in mind that will require making several identical parts. I could make a master and cast them in resin, or, as it's a simple shape I could use the job to teach myself to model in 3D, and print. The ultimate analogue / digital switchover. :)

I've used a couple of 3D printed parts (admittedly a long time ago) and the work to delete the appearance of the 'layers' was just not worth it. The plastic was so hard it became a real chore.

Where are we at now for hobbyist printers? Have we crossed over the line between tricky and difficult and easy and really convenient? 

When we're talking resin printers are they producing items similar to resin addons that are really easy to sand and finish?




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5 hours ago, goon said:

When we're talking resin printers are they producing items similar to resin addons that are really easy to sand and finish?

That is now pretty much the case and I'm thinking about investing in one of the Anycubic machines, they appear to be the printer of choice. I've got the 3D printed upgrade set for the SH DH Hornet by Aerocraft and it will require a minimum of prep before fitting to the kit.


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32 minutes ago, Gorby said:

I hope Alistair ( @Lost Cosmonauts ) doesn't mind me volunteering him. As our resident 3D maestro he's probably the best person to answer this.

I’m still tuning up - I’ve not really worked with the resin parts my printer is spewing out but I gather it is sandable with work. @Grunhertz, @RWG686, @Walrus and @Col. have the parts in hand (so to speak) 

The printers (Anycubic Photon mono in my case) are easy to set up and run. My preferred software for doing the slicing of a model and setting up the printer is Chitibox (free). A lot of the surface finish is a question of orienting the model to blend the lines and supporting so that the shrinkage (the curing process makes the resin shrink a couple of % as the chemistry happens) doesn’t distort the part. Makes snug fits and slots a pain in the backside as you balance shrinkage versus light bleeding around the edges. 

Handling the resin and cleaning the parts is the biggest issue. The elegoo and anycubic eco resins don’t smell as strongly as the standard resins but still need care and will contaminate and make everything on and around your printer sticky eventually so wear disposable gloves, eye protection and ventilate (preferably a solvent mask as well)

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