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#8 for 2018 1/48 Tamiya P-47 Razorback 334FS 4Th FG

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Just finished her today. Love the marking on this one. Different then the typical ones you always see wi the big star  and bars .  I used the Kits world  decals. Paints i use are Tamiya., AK extreme metal, MRP paint :)

31093664437_ebae473878_c.jpg46880965_299434617576008_363438298636484608_n by b007scott, on Flickr

45120832815_9150bc04fa_c.jpg46825032_299434750909328_1371839423657803776_n by b007scott, on Flickr

45120832985_66a3b7124f_c.jpg46814555_299434734242663_2503983495689273344_n by b007scott, on Flickr

45120833155_7c29221059_c.jpg46787330_299434800909323_8327585770378362880_n by b007scott, on Flickr

31093665117_86fb57026d_c.jpg46667969_299434650909338_8910892726321414144_n by b007scott, on Flickr

45120833665_d870f0eb0a_c.jpg46666564_299434697576000_348321959374749696_n by b007scott, on Flickr

31093665447_2cb6ebe752_c.jpg46521178_299434680909335_341507718881738752_n by b007scott, on Flickr

31093665777_4cdce4d305_c.jpg46520533_299434634242673_3678240340533313536_n by b007scott, on Flickr


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