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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Welcome to another installment of Mad Steves Motors :scooter: :analintruder:

Yeees another bloody bike!* ** ***

Right then, The Yamaha SRX 600, or SRX 6, depending on where you lived in the world in 1985 

I missed out on this one in the good old days. and since it only had a limited release, it has been hard to come by over the years.

I don't think it was very popular because it looked a bit.. well boring, but its style has come back into fashion of late.


Not a very involved kit, just 2 main runners



Tiny little thing compared to the ZZR I've just built. 

Old style SHINY! chrome runner, wont stay like that for long.


And the tires, bits and clear runner


There's a small metal plate included that fits over the exhaust which is nice because it will be difficult to get that cover right with paint. 

I like the styling of this bike, its almost leaning toward Cafe Racer with the flat seat and short exhaust. 

This is a 1986 Issue, old style paint guide 


That's it then... Time to get a wiggle on :) 



*I have to keep my brain and hands busy otherwise it slips into the bad place, so just shush and watch :)  

** Yeees Richard, I'm building Helicopters, but I'm struggling a bit with them. :) 

*** No Darren, I haven't done any more work on the Fokker :) 

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30 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

I have to keep my brain and hands busy otherwise it slips into the bad place

You don't have to go back to that bad place any more.

You're in a tolerant, modelling sanctuary now where no one will be nasty to you…


...well, not to your face anyway. :biggrin:

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20 hours ago, Gorby said:

...where no one will be nasty to you…

...well, not to your face anyway. :biggrin:

Where's the fun in that? :o 

Nice subject choice Steve. A mate had one as his first post-test bike and it was a lovely thing to go for a spin on so long as you weren't in too much of a hurry.

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Evenin all 😬

Little bit of progress

The whopper of an engine is complete

Painted Tamiya LP Aluminium & Sparkling Silver.



A bit of pinvise action going on 😬


Frame has been painted LP Gun Metal and then Semi Gloss Clear 


and the wheels too, with high lights being done in Chrome Silver.


Not really much of an update, just some paintin done really 😬

More soon 

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Okeydokey then, quite a bit of progress...

Frame and engine went together kwate nacely...

(Pause... this is where I forgot to take photos...😬)

So, using your imagination, you can just see how well the Swing arm went together and slotted nicely into the frame (well it is Tamiya after all (oooooooooooh) 😬


And here we are this afternoon. A little bit of a black wash and wallah.


Ill try get some better photos tomorrow. I have most of the bits for the bike already painted up, so its mostly just assembling now. 


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Coming along lovely, I do enjoy your bike builds :) 

I know there's not a lot of room to do anything else, but mounting the pillion pegs on the swing arm and using the lower shock mount to do it doesn't strike me as massively comfortable. Mind, neither does that seat so you probably wouldn't be on the back perch long enough for it to be a problem.


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14 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

Yep you're quite right Andy, the pegs on the swingarm arent the brightest idea ive seen, but then its not really that big of a bike so youd need a pretty tiny backseater 😁

Oh, I'd love a tiny backseater but I realise that's just me :D 



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Looking very smart that, I love the way you do the various types of unpainted metal. I did do a double take at the shocks as I'm used to the remote bits being at the back , but you're right and I was too quick to judge :D 


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  • Mad Steve changed the title to TAMIYA 1/12TH YAMAHA SRX 600(FINISHED)

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