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8 minutes ago, BlackMike Models said:

(although my favourite was the burning Spit which won the Booby prize)

I assume that was because of my strict adherence to absolute accuracy and my obvious veneration for all things Spit.  :yes:

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3 hours ago, Blue Noser said:

I'm feeling most honoured! 😁😁😁


Yeah but to be fair on this forum the bar is set rather low... 

mainly because it means we don't have a tall stool to fall off and makes it easier to order another drink from the floor. 
Health and safety and consideration for the patron all in one.

Well done Bob! :D 


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1 hour ago, Lost Cosmonauts said:

Well done to everyone who managed to make fine builds despite not being able to get hold of the definitive Starfix kits

It's a burden we all must bear, each in our own way.

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On 19/08/2021 at 18:11, Lost Cosmonauts said:

Into each life some rain must fall

The Ink Spots IIRC.

You're a bad egg Duncan Black.

Well done to all.

Titch's Spit will be finished.....................one day.

Just that Foxy D.3 got in the way.

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