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Tamiya 1/12 F1 Lotus JPS Mk3

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Ken, @Kpnuts what did you use for painting the body panels, airbrush, decanted aerosol or just the aerosol? Made a 72D years ago, sadly, long gone. One of the best finishes I've ever had, sadly with a solvent based car paint. I was sneezing black for a week. It did look good though!


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Yep, the discs were Iron and the callipers quite heavy so as Jens said, they moved them inboard to save on the unsprung weight. Today its all carbon and super light weight materials. I remember reading somewhere the entire front brake on a modern F1 car ways less than the calliper did on the old Lotus era car.

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Hi all back off hols so now eager to get back at this.


Whilst on hols I won a revell ex protar F1 for a really great price (yes the box is really battered but the bits all look good) I've seen one on there with a starting bid of 197 quid I paid no where near that.

Can anyone guess what it is.

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Hi all (sorry Richard ) the fit of the body panels (maybe the age of the kit) is awful for tamiya standards what ive photoed here is the main body part all else is an awful fit, as this kit was a gift I'm doing my best but this will never be up with the best I've built, that's not to say I'm not enjoying the build its just a shame it won't be my best build.IMG-8411.jpg

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16 hours ago, Kpnuts said:

I'm doing my best but this will never be up with the best I've built

When someone's not best is WAAAAY better than your very best effort 😭😭

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OK so these decals are 40 years old and have had a tendency to break up so last night I spent 2 hrs getting these together and was patting myself on the back about the great job I had done, only to see this morning they looked like this.


No recovery from that one, I looked on indycal but they are all printed on a black background, I'm a bit worried that it may not be the same as the black the one I've Sprayed the rest of the car with.

Anyway the rest of the decals went on OK.


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