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I may well get in trouble with the 'elf 'n safety bod, but someone on Facebook was saying they were experiencing supply problems buying Tamiya Extra Thin and/or Quick Set. I'm seriously considering buying some solvents in bulk and mixing my own, especially as the comparative costs makes the Tamiya stuff look like the equivalent of buying platinum. If you're going to buy the solvents in bulk, make sure they're stored safely.

Liquid Cement Home Brewing:-

Extra Thin Quick Set

40% Ethyl Acetate

40% Acetone

20% Butanone


Extra Thin

50% Butyl Acetate (Butyl Ethanoate)

50% Acetone

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4 hours ago, BlackMike Models said:

Mr Hobby do a variety of Liquid glues very similar to Tamiya's range if that's any help?

Duncan B

Shh you! Let PB continue, he may be the next Briton in space if he gets the fuel/air mixture just right...ūü§£¬†

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2 hours ago, Paul Brown said:

It's been pointed out to me that one of the ingredients for QS is Ethyl Acetate, not Acetone. I've edited the post accordingly.

Yup, definitely getting closer to low earth orbit with each new ingredient...

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19 hours ago, Jessie_C said:

The Finns are a hard team to beat


What is it with the Scandinavians?,they're all bonkers.

The Swedes are certainly "out there"

Martinsson Racing's 800+ horsepower in an Audi 80 Quattro:


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Right, I have received some supplies of C-Stoff, T-Stoff and Z-Stoff Acetone, Butanone (MEK) and ethyl acetate. If you hear reports of a mushroom cloud over Great Baddow, it was probably me.


Total outlay 16.19 which will give me the equivalent of 245 ml of Tamiya QS and I will still have over 90% of the MEK, which years ago was the solvent of choice on its own for bonding polystyrene. On its own Tamiya QS is typically about 7.00 for 40ml.


The real test will be to mix some to see how well it works, but that will have to wait until I'm feeling a little less tremulous than at the moment.

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I've done a QS home brew. It looks like QS, smells like QS and works like QS, ergo it must be QS. The fuselage of the E.377 was bonded with Tamiya Quick Set, the wings and tailplane with home brew. If anything the home brew grabbed and bonded more rapidly.


Costs so far:

100ml Ethyl Acetate - 4.75

250ml Acetone - 3.45

500ml Butanone (MEK) - 7.99

The MEK was the smallest quantity I could find, so to make up a big batch would require more Ethyl Acetate and Acetone. I have enough Ethyl Acetate to do another five or so small bottles, I'll let you do the sums against the best price you can get for one bottle of the Tamiya stuff. The question is really whether or not it's worth the hassle of mixing and storing hazardous chemicals at home, although as it stands I currently have enough QS (albeit not yet brewed) to last quite some time.

Oh, and it didn't go boom (yet).  

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