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TAMIYA 1/12th KAWASAKI ZZR1400 (Finished)

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Time for another one.   (and for once, a bike I've actually had a go on,  waaaaaaay back.) :yes:

I suppose if you wanted a big bike, this would do the job for you :)  Although big, it is actually surprising light and incredibly fast. The thing I remember the most tho was that it, for me, wasn't very comfortable really to ride. I was still riding my 81 Suzuki GSX 1100 at the time, which I thought was fast with its just over 100hp, but this monster had 190!!! Biiiiiiig smiles. 


Here's all the bits then.... ( I have undercoated it all already)






Noooooooooooo way the shiny shiny chrome is going to be left like that.


Now as to the colour.... 

There's really no other option is there than to build the bike I rode :w00t::yes: I remember James bike was Metallic Blue, so this one will do


And I just so happen to have the colour...


should be a laff hey... :) 





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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Made a start and have just basically been painting up a storm.

First up the engine and its one hell of a lump (painted Tamiya LP5 Semi Gloss Black, and then coated with Semi Gloss Clear)



Then the rear frame...


The main stress frame 


and the rear swing arm....


Hands up Children, anyone noticing a pattern here :) 

(for the slow ones in the middle of your Island, its all Black :yes:)

I didn't realise that basically everything was black, but it will be a nice contrast against the blue. 

Onwards then, hopefully with a few more brighter colours :w00t:


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Afternoon Campers :) 

I took a load of photos and forgot to do an update....


I needed to get the wheels painted so I can fit the swing arm, and they are a pretty weird colour. (My mates were Black) 

I mixed a 1:1 of these 2


and it came out like this - I actually think its quite cool :) 


The engine has already been attached to the stress frame, and now the swingarm can be attached...

(You'll notice my no expense spared, patented, model bike holdery upper thing.)


And then the rear frame is attached

(both the white splodge and joint line on the stress frame are hidden under stuff, so no need really sort them out.


and from 't other side...


I've also made a start on the bodywork and I love the colour, but that's for next time :) 

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Helllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :w00t:

Not much of an update really, just a catchup....

The Auspuffs were fitted...


And the Radiator stuck on the front...


time to make a start on the bodywork :) 


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14 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

Sorry to put it into perspective for the non bike heathens, its about just over half a meter long, about 25cm ish high. Youd really need a big freezer 😬

i would buy a real one for that price


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Afternoon Everyone :w00t:

Front end is on...

I think this is moving swiftly because everything is black, and usually with these modern bikes are normally a multitude of colours.


not far to go now :) 


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Another micro update 😬

Spent the morning before my friend arrived putting the front fairing together. 

The ZZR was a special child with not 2, not 4 but 6 headlights and trying to get all those lights, and glass bits wearing rubber gloves was fun 😬

I did make a bit of a fu fu.. the decal on the inside of the windshield is a bit damaged 😳


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  • Mad Steve changed the title to TAMIYA 1/12th KAWASAKI ZZR1400 (Finished)

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