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Steam train restoration yard

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Hi all my daughter and son wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas ( they knew it would be model related) 

So I thought long and hard about what to ask for, i wanted something different and I've come up with a dio which could go on for years or finish fairly quickly depending on how I feel it's going.

I lost my dad this yr and one of the things which stands out in my mind (apart from the tall ships and ive had enough of those for now) (ive got 3 stalled tall ship builds 1 unstarted and the Bismarck and KGV on the go) anyway i digress was helping him with his railway layout (which at the time was huge he even built boxes which went round the garden and back in the house, all with removable lids to deal with derailment and such.

Anyway we live near the Colne Valley Railway so I thought I would relive some of my childhood and build a railyard dio of trains in various stages of repair. I figure this to be an enthusiast who is just interested in steam so it will have rolling stock and trains from all over the world. There had a lot of 1/87 - 1/72 Steam train and rolling stock kits availiable so no loss of choice.

I'm looking forward to this, i see it as a loooooooooooong term build (with really no end result in mind) as long as I think of ideas I can just keep adding to it (who knows maybe I will even add some working trains) anyway I have bought a model to start it all off.

The first thing any steam train museum needs is a station 


Last time I built a card board rail building I was in my teens, my brother was a glint in my dad's eyes and discos were the new place to be.

This contains laser cut parts, lasers were things of science fiction movies in those days.

I'm open to all ideas and recommendations of kits and buildings (keep in mind this is a side line build so no expensive kits as my main money for modelling will go for my main modelling)

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You are making good progress Ken, I've made a few of these card buildings in the past and they turn out really well. You could try looking at a railway modelling forum regarding the weathering, I know they suggest felt tip pens to colour the edges of the card and to put black paper on all the joins if you want to fit lights in the buildings,

Cheers Andy

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Hi all more progress on the station, also my brother kindly donated some of his stuff and track (any ideas on how to straighten the bent card ) he also donated my first train. I will be using this as the first fully restored train on the dio.


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Hi all my brother bought me this for my birthday I was really chuffed a rare find. (I know I said I was going to finish some of my stalled builds but this was calling me so loudly)

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I've started weathering it, in the dio it's going to be one in the process of being restored.

I feel I need to add some more rust but I'm not really wanting it to look really neglected I have a prairie in mind for that I feel at the moment it's not looking very realistic I'm wondering if that's just because it's not in a proper setting.


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There's a few of those Bullieds that have had their casings restored.

B.R rebuilt some them(Merchant Navy,Battle of Britain and West Country classes)in the 50's and took off the airsmooth casings..

Biggin Hill was classed as a "Light Pacific"(West Country class too):


Merchant Navies were a bigger more powerful beast built from 1941 to 1945 and once again re-built during the 1950's:



Sadly,most of all the classes met the gas-axe in the late 60's,Biggin Hill was withdrawn in 1967,but it seems her fate

isn't documented.

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Hi all well the station is done(well without putting it on the setting) (the platform can't be done till then ) 


Made a start on the prairie tank engine 


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