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23 hours ago, RWG686 said:

There's only about another seven bits to add to the fuselage.

I lied!

I really should stop looking at the several hundred photos which  Daniel @Brentairdecals sent me.

Back to the miniscule world again


and as usual you can hardly see them (even allowing for the shitty phone camera rendition)


A couple of temperature probes on the cockpit, a big whip aerial on the fin and a towel rail aerial on the port side still to do.

All of these teeny weeny wee bittties have made me go cross -eyed so I need a distraction


Personally I blame @Gorby although I wouldn't rule out a bit of Nigel's influence.

It is a sad looking thing so I will take pity on it and restore it to its 1964 splendour.

Where was I ?

Oh yes..S-70..here's that door


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11 hours ago, Jessie_C said:

The Dalek looks flaky.

It's really strange. I thought that the little white spots were where black paint flaked off but it isn't and is perfectly smooth.

Perhaps its earlier life as a bubble bath container has had some effect on the paint pigment.

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Dalek distractions aside, I got some work done today.

Not far off the finish line now.




One last job to do before I plonk the rotors on. 

Any ideas?  Thought not!.  Anyway to save you going back to see what is missing ( as if!!) here it is..


That's three bits and the fourth is the conical shaped nozzle which I made from stretched runner.

Masked..yes you read that correct..and painted.

On removing the masking tape I saw that the label is squint.   Sorry Nigel..it's staying squint. Nozzle painted and glued on .

Guess who forgot to photograph it before adding it to the helicopter?


and finished



It's ok.

I gave myself a right dose of extra work by using an old kit I had.

Never in a million years will it reach Nigel's level but that wasn't the point.

If his family see this then note that this is just a wee bit of modelling fun in memory of an excellent modeller and really nice bloke who was sadly taken from us far far too soon.

I'll maybe take some decent photos later and consider adding it to the gallery.

Now where did I put the references for a 1964 vintage black Dalek?

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