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On 13/07/2021 at 23:25, RWG686 said:

Enough talk...time for action.

I've gathered a few things together so might as well get started.

Firstly I have bread from an Argyll bakery. (Cheaper crappy stuff is available)


 A large free range egg from a local farm  (supermarket variants can also be obtained I'm told)


It is quite a simple item to prepare.

Spread the bread with your choice of butter or other spread.

Fry egg and insert between two slices of bread.

Make the coffee.


In that fine tradition of ' Blue Peter' here's one I prepared earlier


Well that's enough for today so I'll just go and sit quietly and eat it.😋

A very 'Nigel' post!

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There is a lot inside which will be hidden by the ambulance fit . The gunner's seats, which are not accurate , will be left as per the kit with just seat belts added.

Not so the four seats on the rear bulkhead as they will be very visible.

The kit seats, to use a Scottish turn of phrase, are a load of pish.

Here's the kit seats alongside my working print of the real ones.


I have already started on this by sanding off those stupid moulded on seat belts and removing the peg leg. 

The rear bulkhead in the kit has detail bearing little resemblance to that shown so I have modified it by sanding all the detail off and adding panels from plastic card.

I  forgot to photograph them and as I can't be arsed climbing back up into the workshop,you'll have to wait until the next installment.

In the true spirit of a Nigel build, I'm off to rustle up a sandwich..


Salmon, baby potatoes and sprouts for dinner earlier.

I forgot to photograph that too :biggrin:


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