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My plan is to build this


possibly using this kit



but as I have a box with leftovers from three previous  cross breed builds , I may end up using a Hasegawa fuselage.

I will be fitting the machine out with its air ambulance fit.


There is a really n ice decal sheet available from Brent-Air Decals . I'm considering that but am swithering at the 12 euro cost plus 12 euro postage. I'd rather that went to Nigel's charity choice. (of course you know I will probably buy the sheet and add the cost to what I intend to donate anyway)

Much to my regret, I have so far been unable to establish the details of any fire extinguisher fit to the Austrian Blackhawks.

This is an American fit. 


Yes..Nigel would love it. Two of them in different sizes :biggrin:

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2 hours ago, Brentairdecals said:

Cant wait to see this built..😉

We have 6 months to finish it so hopefully that guy in Austria will have sent me the decals by then :biggrin:

(No pressure on me then ...do a build suitable for Nigel's memorial whilst being watched by an Austrian ...no pressure at all :whistle:)

Welcome to the forum Daniel. Our first Austrian ? Must ask @Grunhertz

Don't suppose you've got any photos of the area immediately behind the pilots?

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Enough talk...time for action.

I've gathered a few things together so might as well get started.

Firstly I have bread from an Argyll bakery. (Cheaper crappy stuff is available)


 A large free range egg from a local farm  (supermarket variants can also be obtained I'm told)


It is quite a simple item to prepare.

Spread the bread with your choice of butter or other spread.

Fry egg and insert between two slices of bread.

Make the coffee.


In that fine tradition of ' Blue Peter' here's one I prepared earlier


Well that's enough for today so I'll just go and sit quietly and eat it.😋

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@Brentairdecals may be confused by the above post, as he's probably expecting a bit more modelling in a modelling forum.

Daniel, this build is in memory to a modeller who often added his meals to his model building reports. As it's a tribute we are doing the same.

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These  days I am finding that I get more pleasure in researching the subject than I actually do when building the model.

The Austrian Sikorsky S-70A-42 is basically a UH-60L. There is not a great deal of visible difference from the UH-60A (standing by to be corrected) so it looks like I'll only have to add a few lumps and bumps.

My plan is to finish the airframe and then add the ambulance kit which I will build as if it was a separate model. This should just fit in through the side doors. Perhaps the curtain separating it from the aircrew side may have to go in when assembling the fuselage.

It seems that I will also be making two fire extinguishers.

I'm also considering adding snow skis but we'll wait and see how the build goes before I decide.

Photos later.

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1 hour ago, beowulf said:

an egg banjo!!

What kept you? I thought you'd be in there like a shot when I posted that one.

The last proper egg banjo I had was courtesy of D Squadron 23 SAS (R)  Each slice of bread was about an inch thick. Washed down with a proper brew . 

All in the wilds of deepest Argyll. Magic.

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1 minute ago, RWG686 said:


All in the wilds of deepest Argyll. Magic.

or a very wet and windy range in south wales at manobier, trying to shoot down an overgrown rc plane whilst not getting blown over!!


the army also have an 'almost egg banjo'.......................hard boiled in a boiling vessel in a warrior or challenger or such like.....shells peeled off as best they can in the dark confines, in the middle of an exercise, shoved between slices,......heathens!! lol

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The  Revell kit is a repop of the Italeri kit and is moulded in a hard silver plastic.


In most reviews of this kit, mention is made of the terrible fit of the windows at the pilots' feet .

The plastic ,despite its age,must be about 20 now,has only slight flash but raised detail. 

I have this box of spare Blackhawk and Seahawk bits.


I will probably use the Hasegawa fuselage from a build abandoned may years ago.

Next task is to make a list of what needs to be modified or added.

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Decals arrived today



Of course I'm not building one given on the sheet. Fortunately I'll just need to source an 'A' and check that I've got FS43031 paint.

If today's temperature stays at 19C , I may actually start this build.

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4 hours ago, RWG686 said:

Fortunately I'll just need to source an 'A'

If you have any problems finding one I'm happy to knock up a mask if you let me know the size and the font.

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That colonial chappie on both the wrong side of the wall and at the bottom of the world is probably tearing his hair out whilst trying to assemble   swiftly assembling a rotor head before I've even opened the polythene bag so I thought I'd better do something. The temperature has dropped to 16 C so I can't use that as an excuse.   

My base kit is the Italeri /Revell one and on reading reviews I now wish that I had entered a scratch built Denny- Mumford helicopter. (**)

Fortunately I have a Hasegawa fuselage and some bits left over from a build started when Pontius was at Ternhill.

The worst part of the Italeri kit is the glazing and this photo shows that the actual fit of the quarterlights is six of one and half a dozen of the other.

I've decided to use the Hasegawa fuselage because it has the clearer glazing.

Hasegawa top photo.


This also gives the starboard pilot's door as an option to be opened and this is what I will be doing. Both starboard doors open and probably both gunner's windows too.

This is the Hasegawa floor 


I have just cut off the square blocks on which one was supposed to sit the pilots' seats. Some filler needed I think.

Talking of seats..



Left one is Italeri.

Both are total crap and are probably rejects from a DFS summer sale.

This is a UH-60 /S-70 seat


Some fiddly work ahead then.


(**) Denny-Mumford helicopter.


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This photograph which shows an S-70 which appears to have caught the dreaded lurgy.

This is in fact my attempt to show the bits that need to be added to or modified on the kit. The starboard side has a similar amount. 

A very nice chap in Austria is sending me some detail shots of the interior and I'm hoping that the company which makes the EMS fit will reply with some details of that.


I suppose I could make a start on the rotor head but I'd hate to steal @Mad Steve's thunder.

Until I have gathered enough information I may be forced to finish that Spitfire build or else start another helicopter.

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