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Focke Wulf TA183 Huckbein, PM Models, 1/72 scale

Kit is obviously very basic being a PM kit, didn’t want to do the usual European camo scheme……if you are doing a whiff, you may as well make it really different, so thought I’d do a North African scheme, decals with the kit were poor so ended up a selection  from the spares box

Had to come up with an Alternative Time Line back story to go along with this, so………..

Note: 1/JG27 really did operate in North Africa against the British until very late 1942 when it was withdrawn from the theatre after claiming 588 kills…..JG27 as a whole scored over 1,100 downed aircraft during the period


What if Germany and Russia had honoured its various political and economic pacts and were not aggressive towards each other, this would have freed up a massive amount of troops and materiel for other things…………..such as going south into North Africa

Operation Barbarossa had several key objectives…………oil reserves in the Caucasus, ‘living room’ to allow the German people to grow and the enslavement/elimination of the Slavic/Russo population. But similar could have been achieved by going into Africa………..plenty of oil in North Africa/Middle East…….would still be ample slave labour potential

Only downside would be the British presence that was already there but since they would have the massive troop/tanks/aircraft/supplies advantage it would have probably gone the other way than it really did

What if Japan had not launched Pearl Harbour attack? Instead heading west through Indo sub-continent looking for a link up with the German/Italian………British forces would have been squeezed between two front………………no Pearl Harbour would mean USA might not have got involved…..don’t forget up til then America was keen to stay out of what was considered an ‘European war’……but they were still happy to sell us stuff!

So that’s where we are……1946…….Axis Forces occupy portions of Algeria/Libya/Tunisia/Egypt/Palestine/Arabian Peninsula giving them control of the strategic Suez Canal but not control of the Red Sea as the Empire would still control Ethiopia/Somalia/Kenya and therefore the Horn of Africa

So here we have a FW Ta 183 for 1 Gruppe Jadgeswader 27 flown by UnterOffizer Klein based at Cairo operating against the Empires Desert Air Force in the south. The Huckbein would prove to be valuable aircraft………….outclassed by the Me262 in both range and performance it was used greatly as a point defence aircraft being cheap and quick to build, in combat it proved equal to the Spitfires and P51s flown by the Empire and more than capable in tackling the bombers









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Hi all. I made this BTR-152D as part of the GB and it barely squeaked in in terms of criteria as follows:

Helicopter relatedness- Mi-25 on box art

Metal/brass- yes

Fire extinguisher- 1

Now for photos






The build thread can be found here

Comments and critique welcome (in the build thread) otherwise the Grunstapo starts sending you to the Gulag

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Be afraid… be very afraid! :o

I present the Dalek who failed the auditions. This could have been the Dr Who creature that makes us all say “Bloody hell, the sodding Dalek's again! Weren't they killed off for good in the last series?”.

Not perfect but I'm happy with it.


Damnit he looks soooooo friendly.

Obviously the claw isn't as frightening as a sink plunger and it's bloody useless for unblocking the kitchen sink

The next two photos are to show the full range of his acting ability.

Dalek+3.JPG         Dalek+4.JPG

Bloody show-off, he'll be auditioning for Macbeth next.


And to fully comply with Nigel's modelling quirks, a scratch-built....


C02 is soooo last year. CO7 is the latest release. :yes:

He's trying to work out how the hell he's going to pull the pin*.



* Master race my arse. :nono:


I hope I've done you proud Nigel with my group build offering. It was something I would never have considered building if it wasn't for this GB and I thoroughly enjoyed it (except the bloody sanding).


Don't forget, if you want to leave a comment please leave it here.

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Before I post pictures, please allow me to apologise for the pix. I must get some better lighting! (I think that's the issue, it may be the loose nut behind the camera . . .)

1/48 HUMA Modell Flettner FL.282B-2 Kolibri (Hummingbird)

Anton Flettner was a prolific inventor. During WW1, he worked at the German Ministry of War, developing remote controls for vehicles. His first military invention was a steerable torpedo for the

KriegsMarine (it was rejected!)He also invented the servo tab for aircraft trim control. In the 1920s he invented the Flettner rotary ventilator, used in various vehicles, and still manufactured today.

Also the Flettner rotor, wind-driven ship propulsion system using rotating vertical cylinders in 1926 he founded the Anton Flettner Aircraft corporation, and in 1935 built the FL184 autogyro, and FL185

gyroplane. Developing his ideas further, in 1938 he built the FL265, a twin-intermeshing-rotor helicopter. This was developed into the FL282 Kolibri. Plans for mass production of 1,000 FL282

helicopters  were disrupted when allied forces bombed the designated factory. Eventually, only 24 examples were completed, in several versions, mostly FL282Bs with the angular fabric-covered fuselage

and a cockpit with varying degrees of panelling. The FL282B-2 was a 2-seater intended for use from naval ships as a reconnaissance platform. Trials took place in the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas.

Post-war, Flettner emigrated to the USA, gaining US citizenship in 1948. He started Flettner Aircraft Corporation, which developed helicopters for the U.S. military. He became the chief designer for Kaman

Aircraft. and many Flettner design features can be found on Kaman helicopters. Flettner died in New York City in 1961.


















I've really enjoyed this GB . . .



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Messerschmitt P.1111 - PM Models - 1/72

The aircraft never made if off the drawing board, but if it had, who knows what the RLM would have called it.

This is a later ground attack variant with integrated 37mm cannon, as flown with great success by Hans-Ulrich Rudel, against Soviet armour attempting to break the encirclement, at the second battle of Stalingrad in late 1946.







You're probably all wondering where I put the fire extinguisher, unfortunately I couldn't fit it into the cockpit, so I was going to have a ground crew member sitting on the wing trying to wedge it in. But unfortunately I ran out of time. Maybe I'll add him later.

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