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BlackMike Models

End of the 2018 Show Season for BlackMike Models

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So that’s it, home from Elgin Modelfair 2018. The last Show of the season for BlackMike models. 

A huge thank you to every customer we have served over the course of the year, to each and every Show Organiser and to all the volunteers without whom the shows would not have been so successful. 

As with last year I will be making a donation to Charity so a special thank you to every customer who said, “don’t mind about the 5p” etc when getting their change. You were all making a contribution. I’ll update you on which charity and how much soon. 

All that’s left for me to say is one last huge thank you to my long suffering sidekick, Steve Herridge, who gives up his time freely and for little reward other than the dubious pleasure of my company. I would really struggle without you Steve, cheers mate. 

See you all in 2019.


Duncan B

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I think it goes without saying there are a lot of people who do give up their time freely for these events and it's good to see them acknowledged 

Nice one Duncan 

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