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Alpha Model 1/24 McLaren P1 GTR

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Hi everyone

I was very excited to see the postmen pull up today and deliver my long awaited P1 GTR kit. I wished it was the real thing but seeing as that's wholly unobtainable, I'll settle for this brand new kit from Alpha Model

I am not in the habit of spending large sums of money on kits, but this was an exception. It's the only kit available of this subject and just from looking at it, I feel it's a winner for sure

I took the liberty of taking some shots of what you get in case you too are eyeballing this kit and are just not quite sure what you'll get.

Everything in resin is beautifully cast with no air bubbles, warping or cracks. Heavty for sure but I don't mind.

Not as much PE as I thought you;d get but again, I am OK with that. There's even an engine which someone with much better skills than mine would be able to super detail.

All the right detail is present and there is a massive decal sheet for 2 schemes - not that I'm going with either one











4 bags of bits:



PE frets including PE seat belts which was a nice touch:



Inside Bag #1



The unique rear tail lights are clear resin:


Inside Bag #2:


Bag #3





Decal sheet



And lastly, the instructions:

IMG_8335 IMG_8336 IMG_8337 IMG_8338 IMG_8339

Well, that's all I took but hopefully that'll give you an idea on what you get for $160



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