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Italari 1/12 Renault RE20 Turbo

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First disappointment with the Renault RE20 Turbo kit all these screws, springs and nuts are all in the same bag, when I bought the Mefistofeles it came with this case (ignore the ships rigging parts it what ive been using it for since) it just goes to show how manufacturers cut corners.


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The level of detail in this kit is awesome I love the way they've done the working suspension (not even left the first page of the instructions)
I decided to jump ahead a fair way on the instructions and mak a start on the engine.
Talk about detail it even had the gearbox casting number There are 28 parts to just those cylinder heads, the pulleys all work I've barely started the engine if this is what F1 kits are like I think I will be building lots more.






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Looking at another amazing build of the tamiya kit this is not a reboxed tamiya kit. The tamiya kit has the gearbox and engine as separate parts in this kit they are molded as one

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Well hell, i'll be the first to put my hand up and say I'm wrong. I chatted to a friend of mine this morning knowledgable in all things Italeri and it is indeed the Protar kit...  so we and scalemates wrong, Jens was right all along 😬


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OK so you may have noticed I've not posted for a week, well the house insurance doesn't like people posting on social media when you are away.

We were in Scotland last week visiting my missus very poorly father.

We went on a walk up screel hill (they call it a hill, it's more like a small mountain) it was well worth the climb though the view was nothing short of spectacular.

I recon you could see for 30 miles in all directions (and that's not on a clear day)


Anyway back to the build more work done on the suspension and a start on weathering the front engine casing, lot more to do on this, for some reason my usual methods are not working I usually find mixing talc with the paint or sprinkling it on gives the white highlights I want also I generally add burnt umber to get a burnt on from heat oil effect none of which seem to be working here. I don't understand as I've used these methods for years and they've worked every time, can't think what I'm doing different, dementia I recon.



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