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HMS Prince of Wales 1941

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HMS Prince of Wales must be a contender for some of the most botched schemes ever applied to models. That said, given the number of conflicting sources that's perhaps not surprising. Some sources even reference paints that would not be available until 3 years after the ship was lost. Others, such as Tamiya's instructions, seem to assume that the Royal Navy's camouflage was a free for all using all sorts of random colours.


In any case, HMS Prince of Wales was extensively photographed in mid-late 1941, albeit in black and white. These photographs alone consign many proposed schemes to the bin because the photographs show light tones where the suggested scheme shows dark, and vice versa. We can also dismiss any schemes featuring paints which did not exist at the time - those cannot be well considered if the author suggesting it did not know his paint colour timeline! Study of the black and white photographs allows an accurate map of the camouflage demarcations to be assembled. Furthermore, it is possible to count five separate camouflage colours on each side. Thus, we can eliminate suggested schemes comprising of four colours.


That leads to the remaining schemes which are plausible tonally. HMS Prince of Wales was however filmed in colour, just once and very briefly at that, in summer 1941 not too long after the paint was applied, and this gives us an invaluable insight into the hues present.


All considered, here's what we have come up with:





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Due to popular demand, I have added scrap views of the superstructure athwartships views. Every 14" gun barrel is camouflaged in its own right, and there is some camouflage carried onto the turret tops (which may be mostly MS1) - but I'm out of time now and need to do other stuff for Telford.

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