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1/48th Macchi M5 by Blue Max

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Not posted anything about this build, so I’ll start with a quick look at the kit and then move straight to the finished model.

I picked this up at Telford a few years ago, together with the windsock data file. The book proved very useful during the build. The box was full! With different materials in different bags. White metal engine and struts, resin cockpit and plastic for everything else. I used the American squadron markings from a set of Pheon decals, kindly donated by David Hooper.



There was a fair bit of flash on the plastic parts, but the plastic was quite soft so the clean up was straight forward. The radiator was poorly molded, so some copper wire was used to re-build the front.





From the outset it was clear that this was going to be a fiddly model and I would probably end up painting and decaling it BEFORE sticking it together. The lower wings have such a flimsy attachment, even though I have pinned them, that I used ‘structural’ rigging for them and have put the model on a water base so that the wings are supported. Now that it is all together it actually feels quite sturdy.

The hull is finished in Halford’s Appliance White, the rear decking is acrylic, from a Scale75 wood and leather set, and the rest is enamels. I am particularly pleased with the wood effect on the rear decking.


The plastic parts have been stuck together with a mixture of liquid glue mixed with sprue shavings, as there were some large gaps that needed filling! Wings and struts have been joined with two-part epoxy and the rigging is super glued.

That is enough preamble, here are the shots of the finished model, with a rather shaky one of me holding it just to give the model some scale.









Any and all comments welcome.




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2 hours ago, BlackMike Models said:

I just hope it doesn't drift away on it's base without being moored to anything :)

☺️ It is sat on the bottom (riding quite high in the water) positioned for a photo op with the slip way is just outside the base area . 😉

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