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Suzuki GSX110S Katana, Tamiya, 1/12

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this kit is getting on a bit, was new tool in 1983 and its starting to show a little.........theres some parting lines and even a little flash but i know it will build ok

i think this is the third time ive had a go at this........i know ive got an old one in bits waiting to transplant the 4 pot engine into a Revell chopper frame...once i work out the little problem of changing a left hand belt drive into a chain drive

this one im planning on doing almost standard......almost cos i never liked the idea of the 2 tone seat, or that the tail end of the body work is a different colour to the rest of it!.......and probably a black engine






so it should end up a bit like this............but with a black motor



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silver is technically the only colour they did it in.......later on they did some red/silver and blue/silver but they are not that common

did find some pics of repainted ones that look rather nice but i want to stay standard-ish.....specially since the only decals ive got are in red







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11 minutes ago, beowulf said:

later on they did some red/silver and blue/silver but they are not that common

Different colours!?!?! 

Now that's just going to confuse me. :/

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